Pickled vegetables are bad for pregnancy

Prohibited foods during pregnancy

Sausage and meat during pregnancy

Meat provides valuable iron for pregnant women. Therefore, pregnant women are often recommended to include meat products on their diet. However, when consuming it, you have to make sure that the inside of the meat is exactly sufficient (at least two minutes above 70 ° C) cooked, fried or baked or the respective type of sausage was sufficiently heated in the manufacturing process. Because Raw or half-cooked sausage and meat products are prohibited foods as they can contain toxoplasmosis pathogens, listeria or other germs and become dangerous for the unborn child if the mother is infected.

Smoked or air-dried meat Strictly speaking, such as salami, Serrano or Parma ham also belong to the “raw meat” category Pregnant women should avoid. However, due to the ripening process, they only have a very low water content, which makes it difficult for pathogens to multiply. It is therefore rather unlikely, but cannot be ruled out with certainty, that air-dried or smoked raw sausage products contain toxoplasmosis pathogens or listeria. Only cooked sausage products or cooked cured meat products are safely free from these pathogens. Nothing speaks against salami on pizza either: the high temperatures when baking in the oven destroy all harmful bacteria.

Sausage and meat products that pregnant women can safely eat:

  • Boiled sausage: Wiener sausages, Frankfurter sausages, white sausage, meat sausage, beer ham, beer sausage, cheese krainer, debreziner, bockwurst, hunting sausage, Lyoner, yellow sausage, mortadella, meat loaf
  • Boiled sausage: Liver sausage, blood sausage, braised sausage, corned beef, grützwurst, pressed sausage, pressed head, tongue blood sausage
  • cooked salted meat products: Boiled ham, boiled smoked pork.

Sausage and meat products that pregnant women should avoid:

  • raw or undercooked meat: Minced meat, ground meat, carpaccio, tartare
  • Raw sausage: Mettwurst, Teewurst, Smeared Sausage, Salami, Landjäger, Zervelatwurst, Katenwurst, Plockwurst, Schlackwurst, Thuringian Knackwurst
  • raw cured meat products: Raw Kasseler ham, Black Forest ham, Serrano ham, Parma ham, rolled ham, nut ham, salmon ham, Kat ham, smoked bacon, bacon, smoked meat, Bündnerfleisch

If an expectant mother developed toxoplasmosis before pregnancy, she has already formed antibodies (also to protect the child) and is immune. A toxoplasmosis test at the beginning of pregnancy shows whether you have immunity. Women who tested positive do not have to fear a renewed toxoplasmosis infection, but should not consume any raw or half-cooked sausage and meat products, as they can also contain listeria or other pathogens.