Why didn't Sasuke learn the dragon and sage mode

Naruto: Lawn Shuriken forbidden ask?

Hello everybody

I know the question has already been asked many times, but so far I have only found superficial answers or answers without specific reference.

I'm a huge Naruto fan and grew up with Naruto. That's why I started the anime Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. I also like the anime by and large.

I just wanted to know if it's just me or if you also notice: Everything that Naruto and the others have worked towards is not appreciated in Boruto, by that I don't just mean the obvious, such as. the peace between the villages but as an example the trials. Everyone rushes through the training without really spending a lot of time on one of the exams (the Genin exam) everyone uses a kind of sealing technique so that they can hold Kakashi, none of them are even Genin, with Naruto that was back then Jutsu the doppelganger.

There are many more examples, I just notice this and to be honest it bothers me a little, because the skills of the new generation are in no relation to Naruto Classic.

I also hope that they don't overdo it with Boruto's later power, I think that too will go beyond any scope.

From my point of view (I don't know anything yet) Boruto shouldn't outdo Naruto, otherwise I think Naruto and his "legacy" (by which I mean everything you grew up with and cheered with, hoped and celebrated with) will be ruined.

What do you think?