What are the main attractions in Singapore

What you see in Singapore a day, two, three or four days. Route in Singaporu.

What should I see alone in Singapore for 2 days? This question is relevant to many Russian tourists. Call if you are traveling to a third country by transit from Singapore, you can be there without a 96 hour visa. That's four days. The first day on arrival and settlement, the last departure, here two days and stays for the inspection of the city. We made a great route for you that will allow you to see the main attractions of Singapore in two days.

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Day 1: Hello Marina!

Everyone knows that Marina Bay Sands is the nicest hotel in Singapore. But not everyone knows that Marina Bay is a picturesque bay, on the coast of which there is not only the famous hotel, but also many other attractions. So we don't have a choice: on the morning of our first full day in Singapore, you certainly have to go here. And interests on the shores of Marina Bay, so you can safely spend the whole day. To get to Marina Bay Bay you need to get to the subway station, Esplanade, Promenade or Bayfront to Raffles Place.

Here is a map of Singapore attractions in Marina Bay Bay to walk slowly that day:

The map shows not only Russian, but also the English-speaking names of Singapore attractions. This is that it makes it easier for you to ask the street from Pasersby - almost all of the Singapurts speak some English. And Russians, to put it mildly, not to lay everything down)

And now we stay in the attractions indicated on this map.

Statue of Merlife. Singapore symbol, mythical animal with a fish body and a lion head.

Esplanade Theater. The main theater in the country, also a very beautiful building. In humans - "Durian", as the shape of the building resembles this fragrant tropical fruit.

What to do and what to see alone in Singapore for 2 days A day must be spent sightseeing in the heart of the city of Marina Bay. Here is the famous statue of Merlife, Hotel Marina Bay Sands and many other interesting places.

Gardens on the Bay. A great place to spend several hours and eat there. This is a large and very beautiful set of gardens, divided into thematic areas (Chinese garden, Indian garden, palm world, etc.). Under two huge domes there are two tropical parades - "Wolkenwald" (cloud forest) and "Flower Dome" (flower dome, the largest greenhouse in the world). In contrast to the rest of the garden zone in the bay, the entrance is paid for here. The price of one ticket for both greenhouses for foreigners - 28 Singapore dollars (adult) and 15 Singapore dollars (child).

Another calling card of Gardens by the Bay is giant futuristic flowers that glow beautifully in the evenings.

Singapore Flyer ferris wheel. The second to high Ferris wheel in the world (165 m) offers a breathtaking view of the city. The price of one ticket - 33 Singapore dollars (adult) and 24 Singapore dollars (child).

What should I see in Singapore for two days? First of all, Singapore from a bird's eye view! To do this, head to the Marina Bay Sands sightseeing platform or ride the Singapore Flyer ferris wheel. And you can combine the same. By the way, two round pieces from the bottom are two halves of durian, that is, the theater "Esplanada".

Quay Clarke Quay. It's not quite in the Gulf of Marina Bay, but a few hundred yards from it on the banks of the Singapore River. In the evenings, Clarke Quay becomes a bustling, luminous street where tourists from all over the world go. This is the largest part of Singapore with many bars and night clubs. You can just walk, buy souvenirs, and dine in one of the dozen restaurants. You can also take a boat cruise, tickets are sold at the local piers.

Day 2: birds, animals and national coloring

Where to go and what to see in Singapore 2 days in Singapore when the main architectural landmarks have already seen? Aside from its architectural wonders, Singapore is known for its national districts. The brightest of them is Chinatown. And Singapore is famous for its zoos. Hence, we spend the second day studying these places.

Map of Singapore attractions to visit for 2 days of your trip to this city:

Singapore Zoo. It is considered one of the largest and most interesting in the world: you can meet more than 2.5 thousand animals 315 different types! Therefore, it pays to adjust at least three to four hours.

How do I get to Singapore Zoo? There are no metro stations within easy walking distance so the easiest way to get from your hotel is from your hotel. You can get public transport. To do this, you can achieve the following:

  • Choa Chu Kang metro station, then transfer to the 927 bus to the zoo;
  • ang Mo Kio subway station, then transfer to bus number 138 to the zoo.

The price of a ticket at Singapore Zoo is $ 33 (adult) and $ 22 (child 12 and under).

Singapore Bird Park. Jurong Bird Park). One of the largest similar parks on the planet is 5 thousand birds of 380 species, from parrots and birds of paradise to penguins, predators and night hunters.
To get to Singapore Bird Park you need to get to Boon-Laye Metro Station and transfer onto N194. The price of the ticket to Singapore Bird Park is $ 29 for adults and $ 19 for children.

Chinatown. A very colorful area is mandatory to visit all tourists. Singapore Chinatown is cheap souvenirs, beautiful streets with Buddhist and Hindu temples, and even this is a real amateurs paradise for inexpensive (by Singapore standards) street Chinese food. Located by the Chinatown subway station.

The Chinese Quarter of Singapore is not just an old Chinese corner in an ultra-modern megalopolis. It's also a place where you are cheap and delicious.

What to see in Singapore for 3 days: Sentoz Island

Where in the article "What should I see in Singapore for 2 days?" I took another day you ask As we have already written, with a transit trip in Singapore, the Russians can be in Singapore up to 96 hours, i.e. 4 days. This is an arrival day, two full days and a departure day. But if you don't fly in the morning on the fourth day, and get closer in the evening, then you can spend half a day in Singapore or more. Spend it, we advise on the island of Satoze.

Sentoza Island. - the favorite place of the rest of the Singaphurtsev. There is one problem, however: there are no subway stations on st. How to get to Sentoza Island from Singapore Very simple: you have to get to the station harbor in front, from where you can get there on foot (free), on the monorail ($ 4) or on a cable car ($ 26). Entrance to the senthose is paid - $ 1.

In the case of the senthose, a large number of interesting places. But we have some time with you. Therefore, we bring a list of 5 main attractions of the island of Satoze, from which you must choose the most interesting:

  • Beach Sentoz Islands (Tanjong Beach, Palawan Beach and Silo Beach),
  • enormously theme park Universal Studios (Adult - $ 74, Child - $ 56),
  • oceanarium SEA. Aquarium (adult - $ 34, child - $ 24).
  • Water Park Adventure Cove Waterpark (Adult - $ 36, Child - $ 28)
  • square Merlion Plaza. With the gigantic statue of Merlife, in which there are two viewing platforms (in the mouth and on the head of the lion).

Here are all of these Sattoz Island attractions on the map:

Where to stay in Singapore for 2-3 nights

In Singapore, plenty of hotels to stay in during a "transit" shear. On the booking.com website they are even separated by areas:

However, we recommend that you not only search for hotels on Bucking, but also with the Hotelok service. It compares prices in different booking systems (booking.com, agoda.com, ostrovok.ru, etc.) and gives you the best options. When choosing the most suitable hotel, go to the booking engine website (the same hump or agency) where the booking happens. Here is the link:

Happy journey to you!

Dear readers, do you advise you on what to see in Singapore for 2 days? We are waiting for your feedback! And don't forget - we know everything you travel in Asia! And not just in Asia 😉

How to get from the airport to central Singapore

With the Metro. Arriving to the airport, go down and go to the center.

It is better to buy an EZ-Link card immediately (see the link above the metro "Metro"), not a one-time ticket, it is cheaper and more convenient, you can change how much you like and go where you want . Public transport in Singapore is convenient and inexpensive - a journey of 0.77 sgd (or about 0.50 EUR). The price depends on the number of stops, the card must be used at the entrance and at the exit to the reader. Grafts "folds", d. H. If you transplant for a short time, you do not pay a full tariff, but open to the previous one.

I recommend topping up the card to 10 Singa dollars all at once. One card per person. Card paid - 5SGD. The fee is non-refundable, but the card has been valid for several years, and even at the end of the term, the card changes and the remaining money is transferred to a new card. The card is valid for all public transport and access to some tourist attractions, such as the island of Satoze - it's convenient that you don't have to wait in line for your ticket.

By bus. If luggage is low and you want to get to know the city straight away, sit on the bus and admire the city from the bus window - don't forget to buy the EZ-Link card in advance. For example, a bus 36 travels from the airport through the main terminals out of the airport, then goes to the city center, passes through Suntec City, and ends its route on Orchard Road.

LifeHak №4. from driving
If you have a large family with young children and / or a lot of luggage, it is better to get from the airport to Singapore by taxi. Use the Uber - it works perfectly in Singapore, the airport price of SGD 10 per trip.

How to move around Singapore

It is most convenient - on buses and subway. I like it on Singapore buses - it's easy to use, it's cheap, very user-friendly routes, buses that are at every stop. Often there will be no waiting, almost unnecessary. Inside the bus is cool, comfortable. Double decker buses - Great transportation to see Singapore.

Rescue hut number 5. from driving
All of Singapore's transportation can be easily traced in Google Maps by “Pave the Route”, “Public Transportation”. Cancel, for example "Changi Airport" and in the destination field - the name of the hotel. Get all the options on how to get there direct and with transfers.

The schemes of all Singapore bus routes can be viewed on the busrouter.sg website or www.mytransport.sg.
The latest Singapore subway regulation on the official website is useful. Location because the metro is built quickly from the schemes placed on the Internet, which quickly become out of date.

What to see in Singapore for 1 day: The most interesting sights

Interesting places to see in Singapore, a lot. Which to choose - oceanarium, zoo, temples, skyscrapers, beaches? When there is little time, you have to look something that you will never see in other countries and cities - here I have collected everything the most important thing to see in SingaporeWhat you won't see anywhere.

In the photo: The unusual "Helix" bridge in Singapore is similar to the structure of DNA

Singapore's Iconic Landmarks can be viewed in a day to arrange an independent excursion in Singapore. For those who go to Singapore for the first time - This is the best route in Singapore for 1 day:

Route in Singapore, 1 day. Singapore attractions on the map

See the one-day Singapore route map and 10 unique must-see places that can't be missed. And then I will describe each place in detail.

Map What to see in Singapore

So, what should i see in singapore for a day?:

1. Where are you staying in Singapore?

To manage to see Singapore in a day and cheaper, your best bet is to settle in Chinatown (Chinese Quarter). Those who drive alone, cheaper to stay in a capsule hostel, also blink in a dorm, bathroom and toilet.

Two or family - to book a more comfortable room in the hotel - the price for a small room is slightly higher than for two beds, but private and all amenities in the room. In Chinatown I recommend the Southbridge Hotel the perfect place and in the cheap in Singapore brand. Small rooms (big in Singapore are 2 times more expensive) but clean and modern, the room has a safe, kettle, toothbrushes and everything you need to spend the night.

Room in the Southbridge Hotel

The hotel does not take any deposit and gives a coupon for a free drink to choose from (alcoholic or non-alcoholic). I recommend if you ask for a number with a window.
Next to this hotel there are plenty of inexpensive cafes - have a quick breakfast and get to town.

2. Malkettenstadt

We walk along the authentic streets of the chain town, preserved in the middle of modern skyscrapers.

Right next to the hotel, on Southbridge Road, there is a picturesque Hindu temple and, after a few quarters, the Buddhist temple of the Buddha Tooth.

Chinatown in Singapore is clean and tidy, unlike such quarters in other countries.

By the way, a large selection of Singapore souvenirs is presented in the Chinese quarter.

Chinatown streets in Singapore

We go, buy souvenirs, then we go to Southbridge Street and move towards the Boat-Quay-Waterfront.

3. Dam quay

We go to the skyscrapers, standing by the water, and find this beautiful oily bird from which you turn to the side of the Fullerton Hotel.

5. Merlion - Lion City Icon

We go around Fullerton, walk through the street and find ourselves by the Singapore symbol - Merlions statues. There are two such statues here, small and large - don't miss out!

In the photo Merlion - Singapore symbol

There is a cruise pier with tourist boats nearby - you can drive and see what Singapore looks like from the river.

5 and 5a. Where to eat deliciously in Singapore + observation deck on Marina Bay

Next we go to dinner. First option (expensive, on card 5A) - In the Level33 bar-restaurant on the 33rd floor with a panoramic view of the bay and skyscrapers.

Bar Restaurant Level33.

Served craft beer, interesting to try a number of different types of beer. There are places for smokers. We occupy a table on the edge of the terrace to enjoy a wonderful view. For the exact location of the bar and booking telephones, see the office. Page? ˅.

Tip: If you want to see Singapore from this bar in the evening, the place must be reserved in advance.

Second option: Go to Singapore Cult Food Court Lau PA Sa. (see 5 on the map)Where all traditional local dishes and inexpensive cuisine for all tastes are presented.

If this is your first time in Asia, the food court is called here as a large platform with lots of kiosks and one other meal. Tables are in a common room like in Soviet canteens. You can order groceries from different kiosks and sit at each table. No waiters and maintenance, but all cheap.

Rescue hook number 6. from driving
If I want to eat cheaply, do not look for restaurants and food courts in large shopping malls - as a rule, they are located on the lower or top floor, see the writing court inscription, the food republic, the food center.
Take traditional paper napkins with you before entering the food court - Singapore food dishes may not be. Singapurts always carry notes as the wrapping of napkins put on the table, showing that the table is busy ("sitting").

6. Well luck luck

In front of the central entrance to the shopping center "The Buyer" we find: "We make the wish, toss a coin and wait for it to come :) The main thing is to put a coin in the center of the well in the hole. Do you think , is it easy? Try!

Well luck on Marina Bay

We walk through the shopping center, past a casino, through the foyer of the famous Marina Bay Sands.We're not trying not to get distracted (and it's difficult!) Because in this stage we go into tropical viewing - a wonderful place that isn't anywhere in the world. These gardens are created in the place of the ocean.

7. Gardens by the Bay (Gardens by the Bay)

Gardens in the Bay are part of the state program to transform affluent Singapore into the "City in the Garden" - is not just a green city, but a civilization that merges with nature, where a person lives in harmony with flora but with comfort and without the slightest harm to nature.

In the gardens we arrive in the evening to see this place when it is light and when it is dark. There are many rare tropical plants, greenhouses and famous "Superdevia" up to 50m high that perform the role of environmental motors, collect rainwater and carry out many other functions that can be found on the official website.

"Gardens by the Bay" (Gardens by the Bay)

The Superdevine is equipped with solar batteries, which transform the gardens in the bay into a futuristic glossy fairy tale. In the years 19-45 and 20-45 there is a nice show "Garden Rhapsody".

Gardens by the Bay "(Gardens by the Bay) in the evening

Walk along the Gardens on the Bay - free and climb the famous trees - you have to buy a ticket. It is best to buy online with a discount of -20%.

8. Skye Park - Sands Skypark overview

After the gardens, climb the famous Sky Park tour and watch Singapore for the evening.

In the photo: Sky Park viewing platform on the roof of Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

The price for entering SGD 23, children - SGD 17, up to 2 years. Would you like to get a discount? Check out these prices for Skypark tickets.
Indicate the prices and time of work on the website.

Rescue hook number 7. from driving
Instead of an overview page, you can climb the Skehapark bar - for the entrance, which you pay 20 SGD, you will receive a voucher that can be issued on the drink at the bar. The city views are located on the same roof.

Remember that tourists are only allowed to step on the sightseeing platform and only swim in the highest pool alive in the hotel.

Rescue hook number 8. from driving
View of Singapore from the roof of the "1-height" bar is more beautiful than from Sky Park. So it makes sense to go instead of Sky Park - money will pay a little more, but you will get a chic look and 2 drinks on top of that!

Instead of Sky Park - 1-height viewing area - impressive visibility

View of Singapore from the Sky Park overview deck, naturally beautiful. But even more impressive - the hotel itself Marina Bay in the evening and even with a higher sightseeing site! Want to see where the best photos of Singapore do? Instead of the observation deck, choose the bar "1-height" - with a beautiful view of Marina Bay. The bar takes up the entire roof, so the bar opens up panoramic views of Singapore. The whole city is like a palm tree!

Price: from 18 to 21 - 35 SGD, after 21 hours - 45 SGD and "Smart Caudual" dresses. The price includes two alcoholic drinks.
Daily rate 25 SGD, only one soft drink is included in the price. In the afternoon, almost nobody happens on the roof and can come without prior armor.

The bar is located in a Raffles Place building. You can order a table and see the details on the website. If you are going to meet at this bar next new year you have to book places in a couple of weeks.

View from the bar "1-Altitude" over Marina Bay

RUMHAK №9. from driving
On all of Singapore's viewing platforms overlooking Marina Bay, it is better to come in the evening to see the Spectra show over the bay (see the schedule below in Section 10). From a height this show looks amazing!

9. Helix Bridge - DNA Bridge

Then we walk on the Helix Bridge pedestrian bridge - no wonder it is called the most beautiful bridge in the world. The design of the bridge in the form of a DNA molecule in the evening is highlighted with bright neon lights. The most attentive notes of the bridge The letters C, G, A and T - they symbolize the basis of DNA (cytosine, guanine, adenine, timine). There are platforms on the sides of the bridge.

Ferris wheel - at Will

However, it is possible and not to go to the ferris wheel, and after the bridge, after the bridge turn immediately left, to the explorator.

10. Laser Show on Marina Bay

We occupy locations in Esplanade theaters with the best view of the magnificent Spectra laser show in the bay. Images are projected into water, music sounds over the bay, it looks incredibly spectacular.

Some believe the show is better looking from the site in front of the Shopper Mall that is next to the Louis Vuitton shop in the Artscience Museum (in the shape of a lotus flower).
If you want, you can watch the show twice from different places and rate where it's better - because it goes twice, in 20 and 21 hours a day.

LifeHak №10. from driving
If you have a romantic trip and want to rent a hotel with a luxurious view, DO NOT take MARINA Bay Sands, look at the famous hotel much better than from it. So choose the hotel with a view of the Marina Bay Sands, a bottle of wine in your room and watch the laser show from your own window - it's unforgettable! Yes, and money for different points of view do not have to spend)))

The best view of the bay opens only from two hotels: Marina Mandarin (cheaper) and even better - from Ritz-Carlton, Millenia. When booking, you must select a room with a view of Marina Bay.


After the show we go to Clarke Quay (Clarke Quay) and choose a restaurant to have dinner at.

Clarke Quay - River Restaurants

Return to the hotel Walk along the beautiful promenade and think about how to stay in Singapore for at least 5 days in Singapore :)

I'll open a secret to you: the weeks in Singapore are not enough either. This amazing city is going to open up something fantastic every time. And always a little.

What should I see in Singapore on day 2?

LifeHak №11. from driving
Paid entertainment at an expensive cost so we recommend using it discounts and promotions in Singapore, And buy tickets online - so cheaper and don't have to stand in line for tickets! Here are discounts for the most interesting entertainment:
- Entertainment Park Universal Studio
- 20% discount in the oceanarium on the Senthose
- Buy a comprehensive discount ticket with any entertainment from Senthose

Only children, but adults too, have fun on the street. I liked flights in AeroTrub. It's called IFLY. See the official website for prices, location and schedule.

In the photo: Exercise of parachutists in identical to senthose

There i am free entertainment about senthoseFor example, a big show of crane dancing cranes. Impressive!

The magical story of love between a pair of mechanical cranes (really huge cranes). How love turns even rough mechanisms into beautiful birds. Very touching and beautiful. With music, fountains and light effects.
Many consider this show the best in Singapore.
It takes place on the Senthose Dam so as not to notice these cranes.
It starts in the evening at 8pm and lasts 10 minutes. But the schedule doesn't change every day, so you have to sort things out in the office. Page? ˅.

Do you want to see stabilistic stabilistic? Emission Secret Locations: Tanjong Beach and Sentosa Bay luxury residential area with restaurants, yachts and amazing ocean views.

You can return from the Senthose on Cable Road to the Harbor Front Shipping Center or prepare the Faber Park Park.
Next to the harbor front is the Vivo City shopping center and a little further - the millionaires.

On the photo: New skyscrapers in the Gulf of Kepel in Singapore

Day 3 in Singapore - Shopping!

Shopping in Singapore is another show! Here are all the popular global brands and the most advanced novelties appear in Singapore stores first. You can find things you won't find even in New York.

In the photo: Strolling and shopping on Orchard Street in Singapore

Remember the signs: Orchad Road, Raffles Place and Suntec City commercial complexes - precisely in such a sequence.

BTW, the Ion Mall has a great observation deck and you can get there for free! Works from 2pm to 5pm. How to find it: We climb to the 4th floor and move on the "ion sky" -ziang to the elevator. Raise the Tirses, 55th floor. There is a restaurant. In order to visit the free viewing area, you must meet these conditions.

Do you have any shopping, do you need more money? It's easy in Singapore! Closer in the late late afternoon Well of wealthThis is in the Sintec City shopping center. Singapores believe that Singapor attracts wealth in their life, it is necessary to make the desire (materially natural), lower the hand in the well and without removing the hands, to remove the hands, bypass 3 times clockwise. Ready!

You may not believe it, but wishes are true! It seems that this fountain-Singapore has become such a wealthy city :)

Singapore streets, photos

To me the main attraction of Singapore - This is the city itself! It's impressively stronger than gardens on the bay or pool on the roof of Marina Bay. There is entertainment and tourists, and here - real life, not staged or just for tourists, but real life of the future. Just walk around the city and be amazed: well how do you make the city so comfortable !! Singapore, perhaps the most modern city on the planet and the only place in the world where in the future it is already possible in reality. Absolutely free!

LifeHak №12. from driving
No need to go around the city in a taxi on the street - walk on the street or move around on the buses, bought the EZ-Link card in advance (as they wrote above). The whole city is like a future museum. Don't chase the sights, mark the time to stroll the streets of Singapore and look your way home carefully, paying attention to the details.

They are all surprises and impressive: escalators in parks, lots of free, well-tended gardens between the ordinary neighborhoods, houses, streets with lots of greenery and flowers, streets, even public transport - everything is made exclusively for people. It's incredible! When we get tired of walking my legs, choose a two-story bus and go ... It doesn't matter where :) Everything is beautiful here. By the way, all buses have air conditioning so you can cool down at the same time.

Here are several years old photo of Singapore streets:

All houses in Singapore are different and many - with greens. One house is more beautiful than the other. I hope in the future that everyone will live in cities - in harmony with nature.

Houses in Singapore - Modern with interior gardens

Old temples are not destroyed, they fit perfectly in a modern city and create a special Singapore color:

In the middle of the city, you can always relax in a quiet cool park with ponds where the lilies bloom and the bugs float:

Surprisingly, there are no mosquitos in these places.

Singapore - very green city

If you wanted to have a snack, you can go shopping - cafes and restaurants are in each one. I like the network of restaurants "The Soup Spoon" - very tasty soup. Menu on the tablet: you do the order (you don't have to communicate with the waiter), bring them all, and in the end you go to the cashier to pay.

Soup in the restaurant chain "The Soup Spoon"

Local residents move around the city using electric sinks and other types of environmental transportation:

For two Singa dollars - a glass of freshly squeezed cool juice:

What else to see in Singapore

Here are some interesting places to see in Singapore:

Roofs of singapore.

In addition to the above roofs with excellent views of the city, some tourists still visit the field of view [Email protected] In the Chinatown area. But in my opinion the platform is boring, there are no interesting types. Better to stay in the hotel with a nice view of Marina Bay or climb Skye Park or the 1 height pole written above, more expensive but an order of magnitude more impressions. However, if you suddenly have time in Singapore, if you have time then climb the viewing platform [email protected] Located "Outram Park" subway station, the buildings are approaching, see Sky Bridge Office by signs. For the entrance - 6 SGD.
Of. Website.

Unique places that tourists rarely reach:

9 kilometers long southern ridges With the most beautiful views of the city and parks, there are lots of interesting birds on the way. There is no need to walk every 9 km.

Singapore Botanic Gardens.

The stunning Singapore Botanical Gardens are located in the city center,. Entrance is free.
In fact, this is a large park with several themed gardens: bonsai garden, frangipani garden, scented garden, etc.
The park is so wonderful that even people are removed from botany, accidentally entering here is delayed for several hours.

Plants in this garden are brought in from all over the world. Here is famous unique orchid gardenWhere more than 3000 types of colors are the world's largest collection of orchid collections. Garden is great!

The entrance to the garden orchids is paid, the price is 5 sing.dol (approx. 3.5 euros)

In addition to themed gardens in the park, there are waterfalls, unusual birds, swan lake, and for recreation - many arbors and cafes. The garden is big, the clock flies imperceptibly, so plan a bigger time to visit.
How to get to the Singapore Botanical Gardens: Underground station "Botanical Gardens", blue or yellow line.

Before visiting botanical gardens, go to the office. Site and see the news because some pavilions are sometimes temporarily closed.

East Coast Park - Singapore's longest park

12 ticklet park with beaches, cafes, restaurants, playgrounds and rolled products of various equipment: from bicycles to electric sinks.

Here's a quick video from East Park:

There are practically no tourists here, so the beaches are empty.

The best beaches in Singapore on Senthose of course, but they are full of tourists. East Park Beach is more for those who don't like a lot of tourists and just want to relax. You can find pretty deserted places:

There is entertainment for adults - Singapore Wake Park - for those who want to try wakeboarding (water velvet).

Chinese Park - exclusively for gourmets!

Those who love photogenic parks will definitely like the picture Chinese Garden With the temple on the water - here is quiet, calm, there are no tourists.

The only thing this park is very much loved by local photographers so there are no infrequent groups of photo shoots. However, the park is large and photographers don't disturb the rest, however.

I tell about the route in Singapore, what to see in Singapore per day, two, three or four days. Most tourists visit the city-state of Singapore as part of a visa-free transit i.e. H. For up to 96 hours, and some arrive in town a bit to get around town for a day or two, and fly on during the route from Russia to Indonesia, for example. In the previous article I told, and now I will tell you how these sights are optimally combined in the route around the city.

Walking in Singapore: Against the backdrop of the hotel ship-Marina Bay Sands

I would like to immediately note a few points:

1. Even a clearly planned Singapore route is not always possible to implement, for example in our case, in our case, because of the rain it is necessary to block the plan of two days, and due to the fatigue it was not for two places, where I really wanted to: and the pub level 33.

2. Despite the fact that when traveling we get up early and clock at 8-9 a.m., we're already out of the hotel, don't dine in cafe-restaurants, and there are some queues on the street, anyway, for some reason it is We have time to see less than many other tourists. I still noticed on our trip that, after a clearly planned feedback on the route, we manage only 70% of the received ... and I don't want to visit sights for a tick and I try to enjoy the rest to

What should I see in Singapore for 4 days? Route in Singaporu.

Day 1. Around the Bay - Marina Bay - Gardens on the Gulf - Orange

We start our day or near the fountain of wealth or near it, depending on which part of the city the hotel is. We slowly walk into the dam in the bay, we pass the Esplanad theater, the floating stadium and go to the famous at the DNA bridge. We go into the building in a pleasant cool. Here you can relax, have a snack on the food court, have a coffee in Starbakse or look in a few branches.

We walk out of our hotel along the boat-quay dam and go to the park near Merlion
It's difficult to take a photo with Merlion in the background without other people in the frame 🙂
We go to the Esplanad Theater on the Merlion Bridge
Released on the Born-Marina Bay
Very crowded on the weekends at the dam
I admire the unofficial symbol of Singapore - the hotel ship
Statues on the embankment
Next to the dam floating stadium. Europeans play soccer
We go to the dam, the huge ferris wheel and the DNA bridge can be seen.
Go to the DNA Bridge to get to Marina Bay Sands
View from DNA Bridge to Singapore Business Center
We're going to the bridge
Lotus Museum and Art Museum
And next to him lake with real lotus
Louis Vuitton shop.
Place in front of the central entrance to the MBS shopping center
Fountain in MBS shopping center
One of the restaurants in the mall

Go around the bay. Video

From the saving coolness on the signs to the "Garden by the Bay", we take to the streets. By the way, please note that you shop for it from the MBS MBS building to the Marina Bay Sands Building, the transition to the second (or third) floor! We tried to go out on the street but walked on the street that has no pedestrian crossing! And I didn't want to break the rules in Singapore, I had to walk around for a long time ...

Walk along the gardens out of the bay, past the lake and huge super trees and smoothly approach two greenhouses. A visit to two greenhouses lasts three hours, it is best to visit them in meal heat (well or, as we do, to lose the rain in them). It is cold in the greenhouses, so it is desirable to step up with a shirt and a scarf - palantin.

Sculpture in the park in the gardens
Huge super trees
One of the greenhouses - oranges under the glass dome
Forest or cloud forest within the hothouse cloud
Inside the greenhouse flower dome

Frozen? We leave the greenhouses in the street and will step back into the tropical heat

Bridge (Himmel Wai) between two trees

After a walk, we return to Marina Bay Sands and visit SE La VI at the viewing platform or rooftop bar. It is best to visit the viewing platform at sunset, admiring the city in the light of the day and during the night illumination.

Crowd of visitors at the Ce La VI bar
It was completely by chance that we got a table with a good view of the gardens. Pew cocktail. I will honestly say - it is better to have a beer, cocktails of tasteless ...
View from the bar for evening Singapore

Go to the Gardens on the Bay and see the Sadovaya Rhapsody show. In the evening there are two shows at 7.45pm and 8.45pm. The show is best watched lying on the green lawn among the trees 🙂

Shaw "Garden of Rhapsodia"


Watching the "Garden of Rhapsody" at 7:45 p.m. allows you to have time for the laser water and musical show spectra at 9:00 p.m., which usually looks off the website before you hit the shopping . The show passes daily at 8:00 p.m., 9:00 p.m. and on weekends also at 10:00 p.m.

Well, if the strength remains, you can go to bar on level 33 for a glass of beer or in a long Hotel Raffles bar for the legendary Singapore sling cocktail or sit in the subway / taxi and return to the hotel. Singapore route completed for the first day 🙂

Day 2. Senteza Island

One day out of four I recommend you shine completely. To get to the subway station to get the front, and then by cable car, monorail or walk on the bridge to reach the island. About how to get to senthose.

Cable car on Senthose.
On the way to Snetozha Island

On the island everyone can find a job for a whole day, just choose what interests you, which you are interested in: park, oceanarium, water park, observation tower, museums or other entertainment that I already described in detail in the article on hiring have . You can go to the beach and check out the southernmost point of mainland Asia 🙂

Near the entrance to the Universal Park
Walk in the Park Universal Studio
Universal Studio Singapore.

Day 3. Beasts - Birds - Flowers

The route of this day depends on how much you love the flora and fauna, for me the perfect route on this day is the following:

  • . I advise you to come early, come to the opening or for at least 9 hours. To inspect the zoo, hang up the minimum of four hours.
  • Park River Safari. Here, too, you have about 2-3 hours. And near the pavilion with pandas, I can hang on the clock - another 🙂
  • Rest, dinner, dinner and visit to the Park Night Safari.
  • With the Taxi Home in the hotel 🙂
  • Zoo hour 4-5.
  • With the taxi in the park of the birds and there also 3-4 hours.
  • zoo
  • By taxi in the botanical garden or rather in its best part - in 🙂

Unfortunately we were walking down the Singapore Zoo in the rain. But still really liked the zoo
At the Singapore Zoo
This tree kangaroo impressed me! Never seen a beast like this
In the orchdia garden
Elegant collection of orchids

In the evening of the same day, at an option without a park, night safari may be the time to walk around the Chinese Quarter for souvenirs and dinner. Or visit the bar on the 63rd floor 1-height.

Day 4. What didn’t have time for the last three days?

What to see in Singapore in Singapore the fourth day depends on your preferences. Are you interested in ethnic neighborhoods? Or the National Museum of Singapore? Or a walk on the ship? Or go shopping? Choose you

You can walk through the Arab, Indian or Chinese neighborhoods, go to the temple of the Buddha's tooth, and it is already from the observation platform from the observation platform by hand to the roof.

And then take the subway and hit Orchard Road for some chic shopping sch or the Promenade train station and ride the Ferris wheel at sunset. And in the evening, dine on Clar Ki Can.

On the roof of the skyscraper [email protected]

Chinese Quarter in Singapore. Video

What should I see in Singapore for 2-3 days?

If I only had 2-3 days in Singapore I would do this:

  • The route in Singapore on the first day described above is left unchanged.
  • On the second day I would visit the zoo in the morning, and in the afternoon the Temple of the Buddha Tooth in the Chinese Quarter, then the view [email protected], dinner and then or a ferris wheel or 1 height pole.
  • It would take the third day at the Senthose, or rather at Universal Studio Park, would try to stay up to 4-5 up to 4-5, whatever evening goes along Clar Key Bottom or a boat horse riding.

What should I see in Singapore for a day?

What to see for 1 day in Singapore Personally, I would choose the first day's walk described above. Perhaps, with minor adjustments, one would visit a greenhouse of two, for example, to make the time interesting for the Ferris wheel or other locations.

Let's sum it up

Planning the route is always useful, but you need to understand that force majeure may be possible: for example, due to the rain somewhere in the hour two or so, it is tired from the heat that only one is so tired - in the air-conditioned Room 🙂

I recommend you not to combine in one day, such an energy consumption and far from each other as the universal park on senthose and zoo.

Personally, I didn't have a bit of four days in Singapore, we didn't have time, we'll be back, but my friend, who was also in Singapore for four days, had quite enough of that time on everything and she doesn't plan on being in Singapore anymore to sweep 🙂

No matter how much time you've spent in Singapore, it will always find out what will surprise you. The fabulous city is a no-crime state, where every corner shines with purity, and the faces of the locals are filled with a welcome. Will you stay in all vacation - it seems a little! However, it is especially important to competently plan the recreation program if you are arriving in town for days. So what should I see in Singapore for 3 days?

The first day can be devoted to sightseeing walks, seeing what you see:

Marina Bay Dam and Merlion Park

The Marina Bay Cottment recently appeared in Singapore - at the end of the 20th century. Now it is one of the most famous places in the city. Even while walking, you can understand what Singapore is both the business district and the famous resort and the place of concentration of cultural life. It is on Marina Bay that it clearly appears.

If you go you can visit gardens at Bay Gardens. They occupy a huge area, but there are places for relaxation, numerous entertainment facilities, including for children, as well as a number of cafes. Tourists particularly enjoy the sculptural forms of "superdera", two of which are connected by a high-height bridge. On the other side of the dam, the cheapest ones belong on the bridge, which mimics the DNA structure. You won't see this anywhere else in the world.

Next to an unusual bridge is the Youth Olympic Park, which is unusually beautiful in the dark thanks to the original backlight. You see and "floating" platform. Artists are here during the big holidays. And the fireworks are particularly beautiful from the stands when the scattered lights are reflected in the water spray. They can be brought into the presentation that takes place in the open-air theater Esplanade. This is of particular interest to young people because here, mostly teenagers, they are already increasing the popularity of the creative teams.

Opposite the large complex of Marina Bay Sands is the historic center of the city. Well worth a visit to Merlion Park. Rather, there are two of them here - big and small. Merlion is a creature from myth, he has a fish body and a lion head. This is believed to be a very kind creation and it welcomes all souls to Singapore guests. The height of the great Merlion exceeds 8.5 m, is a beautiful fountain that is beautifully illuminated in the evening. Small, with a height of 2 m, weighs about 3T. A visit to the beautiful park is part of every excursion in Singapore, and the photos with Merilon are even more years later, cause good smiles. In 2009, the fountain suffered from the effects of lightning as it has since been restored and is now being delivered with a fast ride. So you can't be afraid to approach it even in bad weather.

Sands Skypark observation deck

Not everyone can come here, but the lucky ones who ascend to the top of the hotel complex Marina Bay Sands, the impressions remain unforgettable. The observation deck resembles a ship floating in "waves" - three buildings of the complex, each 200 meters high. You have to pay to enter here, but Singapore guests agree to such waste. Many people come for a few hours come here to take the pictures of the city from on high then spend the sunset and finally enjoy countless sweetness of night lights.

There is also a swimming pool, but to swim in this hotel, you have to live in this hotel complex, the number of numbers exceeds 2000. In this case, the pictures will be even more expressive. The pool is designed so that the water falls from the skyscraper. Of course, tourists can swim in the pool for an additional fee without having to book a room.

Marina Barrage - Singapore Embankment

The most convenient to come here is to go to Gardens of the Bay - garden garden. The dam plays a major role in the life of Singapore. It protects areas that are in the lowlands from flooding during high tides and absorbs water during a rain in the city. Those tourists who are ready to "like everything there" can look into the pumping station building through the glass walls. There are small fountains in front of the dam, which are mainly used by children. Parents can relax on elegant bears, taste ice cream and soft drinks.

Well of wealth

All east pursued on Feng Shui, and this fountain is no exception. It is one of the largest fountains on our planet. Its area is almost 1700 m². As with Merlione, there are large and small fountains. Water flows over a large ring that supports crevices. It is believed to attract money to the city. Pillars of only 4 is a symbol of 4 peoples and 4 religions. Leave the city-state of Singapore robes, but there are no less tourists and a small fountain attracts. It is believed that you need to lower your hand into it, and three times to get around the bowl clockwise - then the money will come to you in the near future. In the evening the fountain "sings" - its jets are highlighted, music sounds. Grand Spectacle! Here are wonderful photos.

Gardens in the Bay and in the light show "Garden Rhapsody"

Gardens on the Bay are also a short distance from the Marina Bay Sands hotel complex. Your two are south and east. In the southern garden you can see large greenhouses built with the latest technologies. One of them is the largest greenhouse in the world, and this fact is reflected in the Guinness Book of Records. More than 30 thousand species of plants grow here.

Among them are the rarest species, already almost impossible in nature and invading another greenhouse, you will definitely move to a tropical highlands, on the slopes where orchids of all colors and various types of ferns grow. And admire an artificial waterfall too. Those guests who want to climb to the top can do it with the help of an elevator.

It is nice to go down on foot, enjoy the spectacle of an artificial fog that appears here every few hours, which creates the necessary humidity and an impressive visual effect. And of course the SUPERchair, which was already mentioned. One of them has a small restaurant where you can try local dishes as well as European cuisine.

In the evening you can see the light and music show here - the so-called "garden rhapsody". Amazing the imagination of guests and sculptures, some of which seemed to soar in the air. For example, a huge baby whose growth is about 10 m. Supported are almost invisible, and it seems that only the child's handle touches the green lawn. Even the photos are breathtaking, what can you say about the feelings experienced next to such a sculpture?

The most convenient is to purchase a special card to move in the indicated directions and inspect all of the amazing sculptures here. Oriental garden is a great place for walking with kids. It seems that you are in the state specially designed for small tourists. Here you can play cheerful games including water, arrange a picnic on the grass, admire the city view, and take great pictures.

Swissotel dealership Singapore


5 minutes' walk from nightclubs and Clark Quay metro station


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Parkruper on Pickering


At a height of 300 m above sea level


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2 day

The second day can be started with a place to visit the place and for adults and children. The:

Russians often argue - is human animals contained in zoos. In Singapore, this question just doesn't come up. Zoo has existed for 40 years. It's huge - this is a real city, and everything is included so the animals feel the same as in the natural environment. But only hunger and hunters do not happen here, so that the animals are safely born, grow up, reproduce and wait for old age. In the zoo, tourists can see hundreds of species of the inhabitants of the planet.

To shop around and decide that you are most interested, you can start a tour of the zoo from a tour of the local transport route - "Troma", painted in natural colors.It will come in handy for such a trip and rainy weather. It's harder out of the heat, but you can too: There are rooms in the zoo that have air conditioners working. It's nice to sit in silence and coolness. In addition, there are automatic machines everywhere they sell soft drinks.

Animals in the zoo are relocated according to the principle of ecosystems. For example, you can see those who live in the tropics, in a different place where you wait for the residents of Savannan and so on. Rare animals listed in the red book are also represented by tourists. Here they also dig and bring in offspring. Where else will you see, for example, white rhinos or Komodo dragons?

There is here and "Park of Birds" and "Park of Butterflies" where the winged beauties trust in the hands of people. "Gibbon Island" is for these amazing monkeys. The zoo even has the world's first white bear, almost born in the tropics. Every day he pats his fish from artificial reservoir and is kind to visitors who can admire them.

Of course, there are predators among the zoo's residents. At the same time, you won't see cells and Avier in their usual understanding here. Many animals are separated from humans using only PVS with water or natural barriers in the form of burvers. Glass walls are between people and the most dangerous animals. You can mark public holidays at the Singapore Zoo - for B. a wedding or an anniversary. You can also take part in the show with animals. And of course there are here and the features of the "contact zoo". Some pets are allowed to iron or you allow them to feed them. And here there is an "orchid garden" and "fragile forest" where there are no animals any more, and the plants fascinate people with their beauty.

Getting to the zoo is cheapest to take a taxi, especially if you are in town with family or friends. Here, too, are buses number 138 and 927. Be sure to take some money with you as, in addition to souvenirs, the zoo offers many temptations to its visitors that are difficult to resist, especially when children are with you. By the way, children under 3 years are free. For example, how do you offer to elephants? Or try breakfast in the jungle? There is a zoo from 8.30am to 6pm.

Quay Clarke Quay.

It is impossible to be in Singapore and not visit Clark Quay Dam (Clarke Quay), which was named in honor of the second governor of Singapore. Once, another 19th century. There was an industrial trading zone, but there have been big changes since then, and now it is a fashionable area where eyes run away from a multitude of shops, cafes, restaurants, nightclubs, laps and shows. It happens to be more crowded at any time of the day, but especially in the evening. And that is especially nice - even in the hottest time for Clark Ki - fresh, cool air thanks to special cooling systems.

Here you can also buy unusual gifts for relatives - for example, handmade souvenirs. Here you can sit in a cafe - and you will find someone to suit your taste. Irish? Japanese? Chinese? English? Or maybe you would like to feel in Russia again and you are a "RASSPUTIN" manstitis? Each café has its own small area on the dam, decorated in the style of the country whose cuisine is being served.

You can even sit in the "floating" cafe or bar - that is, in the old ship that is now re-equipped to the tastes of tourists. Or go on a little trip through the river on a yacht or a river vault - you will always be able to offer this kind of service. Another decoration by Clar Ki is numerous and unusual sculptures that you will only meet here.

This is how some of them remember living people, especially in the evening when they are highlighted with multi-colored lights, which is no wonder, and talking to such a statue. And of course, tourists make cells of pictures here. It is impossible not to mention the famous attractions in Clark Ki. For example, there is a fountain that can pour unexpectedly dormant jets that hit from beneath the ground. How do you not remember the "crackers" from Peter the First in Peterhof?

Or you are offered to climb the capsule communication, openly, at great speed, "shoots" to a height of 60m. Munchhausen's flight on the kernel will appear to be child's play. Unsurprisingly, a few dried up in the capsule. But even you see that - the mind grasps. There is a certain resemblance to our "happiness tree" on a special mesh lover who hang teasing, lock them in the key and then toss them into the water.

This is done so that fate cannot separate the damn couple. Lovers of more serious entertainment will also find their taste in Clark. For example, you can visit the Museum of Civilizations of Asia or record on the place where a European foot stepped on the land of Singapore for the first time on earth. Getting to Clark Ki is easy. There is a station on the purple metro line. There are city buses here too. And many tourists come here through Fort Cunning Park - very unusual and picturesque.

3 days

The third day in Singapore will be devoted to a trip to an amazing island.

Sentoza Island.

In fact, it just sounds that impressive - the island. It will be about 500 m from Sigapur. And it's not difficult to come here. You can even walk, a walk like this takes 15-20 minutes. The most convenient is to go to the bridge from the Vivocity mall and again you can get to the purple metro branch. On the way to the island you will see beautiful tropical trees, original statues. The only minus - because the entrance to the senthose has to pay the dollar.

Visiting the island will be free if you use the train sent from the same mall. The ticket costs $ 4. And if not, I'm sorry that money ($ 24) goes to the magical island by cable car. It is really luxurious, Swarovski took part in its decoration. To sit on the rope, you have to climb two buildings to the 15th floor of the harbor location tower.

In order to better navigate, and in a few hours to see the main attractions of the island, it makes sense to use the map. In many branches and entertainment centers it is distributed free of charge, you can also download a map from the Internet. To save energy, you can travel around the island on one of the free buses. From the streets they go - indicated on the map. There are also numerous cafés waiting for you on the island, so that neither adults nor children will go hungry.

Tourists give me fun just walking on senthose, the island resembles a beautiful garden - with bridges, fountains, flower beds. Here you meet the third Merlion - a half-assembled half-puzzle. A good nature is a creature with which they would like to photograph the guests of the island, reaches 37 m in height. If you pay a few dollars, you can climb onto the observation platform and see the senthose, so to speak, "from the head of the beast" so to speak.

Another attraction of the island is a gigantic oceanarium. To get in you have to go underground. Several thousand marine animals live here, including the rarest of them. You can just admire, but you can see the show with dolphins, snap a picture and even swim with them. And the bravest tourists who bathe next to small sharks. Nobody goes and the amusement park with its numerous attractions and dimensions are impressive.

There is a huge Shrek castle, highly oriented "American slides", several water attractions. Since children prefer to be here, there are discounts on tickets for them. I like the guests and a big ball at the entrance to the park, it sparkles and spins slowly. Usually everyone tries to take him on with him.

Another entertainment for Obelchkov: you are offered to descend from the mountain path, the height of which reaches 650 meters - on sledges. The pleasure is not too expensive, but emotions are unearthed. And finally a tropical park. If you are a fan of exotic butterflies and insects, you are right here. The ticket costs $ 16. Senthose also entertains with various lighting shows. Another advice. Go to Senthose, don't forget the swimsuits. There are some beautiful little beaches and you will regret it if you don't take the opportunity to swim.

From one beach to another can be reached by a small tram. And those who want to take completely extraordinary photos should walk through the narrow bridge on a small island that is next to Senthose. It seems that the places here are very small, meanwhile this island has the best viewing platforms.

Number of days: 23
Country: Malaysia, Singapore
Period: from December 27, 2015 to January 19, 2016
Budget: $ 1,590 per person

Hello friends. This ready-made route will be of interest to those who like to combine useful with pleasant. The pleasant - active leisure (diving, snorkeling, mountain, climbing the mountain), acquaintance with the animals and the floral world of Malaysia (zoos, oceanariums, night safari, park of butterflies, storm forest, jungle, national parks, rehabilitation centers of animals). From useful - great shopping (clothes and electronics).

Our travel destinations were simple: to get to know the new country that we knew practically nothing about, that they inspect the sights that are on the UNESCO list, to actively relax and just swim in the sea, try to be different try groceries and many outdoor fruits, taking interviews in local resident, slightly updating the wardrobe in the process, and finally visiting Singapore that not a year has dreamed about.

An additional goal is to check if Malaysia can be vacation in Malaysia in order to become and become an alternative to Egypt.

In addition, almost all movements within the country - local airlines (SEARCH). We decided to find out how convenient it is from the point of view of time and convenience, which is financially viable, and what the quality of the work (flight delays, departure transfer, arriving on time) local airlines.

  • December 27th - Departure from Moscow to Kuala Lumpur Airlines Roal Jordanian. We arrive in Kuala Lumpur on December 28th. Take a pre-reserved hotel in advance in the BUKIT Bintang area.
  • January 28th - January - walking. We attended (a ticket was bought in advance through the internet), we go to Chinatuan and other major Kuala Lumpur locations. By separately, by bus with the Russian guide, we go on a tour through the K and visit the largest one on the lake.
  • January 1st - In the morning by bus from the Bersepadu Selatan bus station we go to the city. Time on the way 2 hours. From the bus stop in Melake, take a taxi that sits on top of the hotel. Rest
  • From January 1st to January 3rd - hiking in Melakka. We check the sights that are located in the city center. We drive along the river by boat. We visit the night market.
  • On January 3rd, from Melakki Airport (10 km from the city), Airlines Flying from Malindo Airlines fly to Penang Island. Time in flight 1 hour 20 minutes. In Penang from the airport by bus, I'm donated to Georgetown. Take the hotel to Wassup Youth Hostel ..
  • From January 3rd to January 6th - rest on Penang. We look at Georgetown, visit the national park.
  • January 6th - In the morning AirAsia Airline fly to Borneo to Kota-Kinabalu. Time in flight 3 hours. Stop in advance in booked Airbnb accommodation. In the district of Danzung ARU.
  • From January 6th to January 15th - rest on Borneo. We go on excursions, visit the islands where they are busy with snorkeling, get to know the cultural center "Village Marie-Marie".
  • January 15th - In the morning from Cota-Kinabal Airport AirAsia Airlines to fly to Singapore. Flight time 2.5 hours. Stand in the small Indian environment.
  • From January 15th to January 18th - walking tour in Singapore. We will visit the bird park, night safari, Sentoz island. In the evening in the Marina Bay area we watch the Fontanov show.

January 18 - AirAsia from Singapore Airport travels to Kuala Lumpur International Airport. On the same day we fly to Russia from the airline ROAL Jordanian. Flight with a change in Jordan. We arrive in Moscow on January 19th.

From our previous travel experience in Asia, we tried to consider all the nuances of the Asian country: from the weather to left movement. We always carried an umbrella from the sun and rain. From the warm water in the bottle.

On the one hand, the route turned out to be simple, visited only a few cities and moving between them was comfortable: plane, taxi, bus, metro. On the other hand, problems such as travel appeared: late the planes, bad tourist maps like in Kuala Lumpur, local acute food, which not every tourist can try.

Read more general experiences from the trip.

With best regards,