Which jobs will pay off around the 600,000 mark

At the end of March this year, the population was already 596,639. The Office for Statistics and Elections, which published and presented the first quarterly report for 2019 on Wednesday, provides information about this. For example, the report provides information on the immigration figures of people with a migration background, according to Dr. Andrea Schultz, acting head of the Office for Statistics and Elections: At the moment, almost 88,000 of them live in Leipzig. They contribute to the growth of the city, but not exclusively. The share of Leipzig residents with a migration background is currently 14.7 percent. The city is also growing with German immigrants, and according to Schultz, this group is also increasing.

The report also includes the tourism figures in Leipzig. In 2018, the number of overnight stays in Leipzig rose again to almost 3.4 million with 1.8 million guests.

In addition, the Office for Statistics and Elections reported on recipients of long-term care insurance in Leipzig in 2017. After the introduction of the Second Long-Term Care Act with a new definition of the need for long-term care and five degrees of long-term care, current figures were published. In December 2017, there were around 25 percent more people in need of care than two years ago. Thus almost 39 out of 1000 inhabitants in Leipzig were in need of care.

The quarterly report with further information is available for free download here.