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Fortnite and other computer games : From child to warrior

It is probably one of the biggest points of contention between parents and teenage sons: the constant fiddling on the computer, cell phone or game console.

There are hardly any parents who would like to prohibit gambling in general. The digital has long been part of our lives. And yet one or the other father probably regrets having put the Playstation under the Christmas tree. Many a mother would like to toss the gaming PC that was just given out of the window - the boy has simply not been able to get out of his room since Christmas.

Parents who have a child at home who almost only hangs out in front of the screen with headphones, wriggling around wildly and always shouting military orders into the microphone - have usually already tried a number of tricks. "Screen Time" for example. This is a child protection app that parents can use to limit the duration of games on their smartphone.

Passwords, timers - what can adults not come up with to get at least some control over their children's gaming behavior. In doing so, they underestimate the creativity of teenagers. “My son doesn't remember anything else, but he knows the 21-digit WiFi code by heart,” complains the father of a 14-year-old “extreme ego shooter player”. Spying on parents typing in the cell phone code is also a popular hobby. The best thing to do is to grab the mother's smartphone for a moment, who has no idea what great games her son has already secretly downloaded into a hidden folder.

Naturally! Anyone who does not know how to use a computer today has a huge problem. Chat programs are also used in everyday office life and software skills are required. In no profession is drawing analogue or written on paper. Children can learn a lot while gambling - precisely because it's fun. However, it depends on what is played, how long and how. The learning effect of a five-hour Playstation session should therefore not be overestimated. An afternoon with the "Wii-Play" is no substitute for analog football training. Anyone who only gambles with the console learns less than someone who tinkers with the computer and writes their own programs.

Parents should definitely deal with the content. Ask the son whether the game is perhaps too violent, what does he think of the exaggeratedly sexualised representation of the characters? And maybe they get to know games with interesting content themselves, games that can refresh their knowledge of history, improve math or communication skills, train strategic thinking. In order to make it easier for parents to communicate with the currently hard-working gamers (girls also play, but less), we have attached some particularly popular games for 10 to 18 year olds. Of course, talking to the children is no substitute for this.

Fortnite: Battle Royal

Category: Mix of shooter and adventure game
That's what it's about: In the Battle Royale game mode, the player competes online against 99 others in order to be the only one left in the end. In the beginning everyone flies over an island and parachutes down. Then the search for weapons and the struggle for survival begins. Fortnite has become one of the most played games among young people. Parents report a downright addiction in their children. This is mainly due to the fact that the young players can prove themselves again and again: The winner wants to experience the feeling of victory again, the 99 losers definitely want to try again.

Conclusion: Youth advocates do not consider the game to be violent, despite the aim of killing others, as the portrayal is rather harmless and it is only about throwing others out of the game.

Anno 1800

Category: Building strategy game

That's what it's about: Anno 1800 is the seventh part of the similarly structured Anno series from Ubisoft. The player has to colonize a game world in which he builds cities. For this purpose, consumer goods such as clothing and food must be produced and raw materials extracted. There are competitors in the world against whom the player competes.
Conclusion: Anno 1800 takes place at the time of the industrial revolution and refreshes at least a minimal knowledge of history.


Category: Open world

That's what it's about: Minecraft does not have a fixed game goal. The player moves in a world that is a bit reminiscent of Lego. The focus is on building your own buildings and exploring the game world. For the construction the player has to mine raw materials ("mine") and process them into objects ("craft"). Despite the simple graphics, the game is extremely popular.
Conclusion: Depending on the game mode, the game trains spatial thinking, perhaps the introduction to a real architecture program.

Red Dead Redemption II

Category: role playing game

That's what it's about: The player takes on the role of a criminal wandering through the wild west. In the course of the game you follow a complex, sometimes very brutal storyline and have to overcome numerous challenges. Over time, the character gets its own psychogram, depending on which decisions the player makes. Apart from that, the large, lavishly designed game world can be explored freely.

Conclusion: Impressive graphics with little learning effect (like in a western film).

Collaboration: Niklas Liebetrau

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