At what temperature would our eyes freeze

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    Originally Posted by Mekhet
    No, they cannot, because tears are produced in the lacrimal glands to moisten the eyes and are distributed over them. Now tears are salty (try one) and salt has the useful function of preventing ice formation.
    And why is there ice at the North Pole? It's hardly all frozen fresh water ...
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    In the case of extreme hypothermia, the human body reacts with centralization, i.e. it closes the blood vessels in the extremities in order to be able to continue to supply its central systems (chest, abdomen and head) with heat.

    This means that before your eyes freeze to death, your fingers, toes, arms and legs would freeze off.
    Only then would your eyes be on at some point, but it is more likely that by this point you have already fallen into a coma or died of circulatory failure.

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