Is it bad to drink warm water

Drinking warm water may seem unusual at first, especially in the warm season. Nevertheless, if you follow a few rules, this food is highly effective and is not only known in Japan as the “Japanese water cure” for its beneficial properties. It is therefore not surprising that an all-round improvement in wellbeing is achieved, the acid-base balance is supported and, moreover, diseases can be avoided.

Why water is important for health

Water is the elixir of life. The human metabolism only works when there is enough water available to the body. Acute Lack of water in the cells leads to Cell death, favored complaints and diseases in the affected organs or body areas and is one of the main factors for the unwanted accelerated aging processes. Water regulates that Cardiovascular function and the digestion, is a solvent for salts and minerals, a means of transport for nutrients and degradation products. It is also for the Thermoregulation of the human body is of central importance. But also the skin and that connective tissue with the cell tissue shine only through an adequate supply of water. Healthy nutrition and water are inextricably linked. Water transports pollutants out of the body and thus also relieves the metabolism.

Cold water - warm water

Whether cold water or warm water is drunk, pure water is extremely important in any case healthy food. For us Europeans, a well-stocked refrigerator with cold drinks, preferably also with ice cubes, is a special refreshment. But as soon as you are in regions such as B. traveling to Asia quickly becomes clear to you, especially in warm countries hot drinks (Tea, herbal tea) can be served. Basically we find in many traditional Health teachings, again Ayurveda (Science of Life) the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) but also in Japan (Japanese water cure) indications of how much drinking warm water affects your health.

The Japanese water treatment - four simple rules

The Japanese water treatment begins with a special one Morning ritual - simple and very effective. If you follow a few simple tips, you will quickly experience the positive properties.
Thats how it works:

  • In the morning after waking up, drink 4 glasses with 160 ml of warm water each
  • Then brush your teeth and rinse your mouth well
  • Don't eat or drink anything for about 45 minutes
  • Take a drinking and eating break of 2 hours after each meal

Who high Blood pressure or diabetes should use this Japanese water regimen for at least 30 days. At constipation, but also gastritis 10 days are often enough for a change.

Feel great - drink warm water

Drinking warm water is associated with many health benefits. If we use the teachings of TCM, Ayurveda, or even the Japanese water course are based on the following health properties:

  • Relief for the liver and kidneys
  • Stimulation of the metabolism
  • Improved digestion
  • Flushing out water-soluble toxins
  • Improved complexion
  • Increase in wellbeing
  • Increased energy

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Drink warm water - but do it right

Water quality

If you want to use tap water, you should quality check the water and the pipes.
Check more about water quality.
Alternatively, a good one Spring water non-carbonated (e.g. Lauretana, Mont Roucous) can be used. An exact indicator of the water quality is the electrical resistance measured in ohms. According to the hydrologist Prof. Vincent, the rule of thumb applies: the higher the resistance, the easier the water is absorbed. These waters are unsaturated (few minerals) and can therefore absorb harmful substances in the body and lead them to the drainage system.
The water should take a few minutes boiled become. Boiled water changes his tootaste. Filled in a thermos flask, the water lasts for a long time and a glass of warm water is always ready.

Drinking temperature

It is best to drink warm water at hot to warm temperature sips distributed throughout the day. A temperature of approx. 36 ° has proven to be advantageous, this corresponds to the body temperature, so no additional energy has to be applied to adjust the water to the body's own temperature. Those who want to delve deeper into Ayurveda can individually adjust their drinking temperature to their personal constitution (Doscha).

Special features - healthy living

A proven home remedy for eliminating Digestive problems in the form of constipation that is morning drinking of one or two glasses of lukewarm water empty stomach. Drinking warm water also quickly fills up the fluid reserves and can thus prevent dehydration. Physiotherapists also provide support for the connective tissue and the Facia drinking warm water.
By the way, warm water helps stomach pain and abdominal cramps. Even at the beginning of a cold, warm water can work wonders. It acts expectorant and helps clear the mucus from the respiratory tract.
To that Lose weight To make things easier, the hot water cure is particularly recommended. This application reduces the craving for snacks, which Fat burning is improved and the detoxification supported!Tip: Those who drink their hot water with lemon additionally intensify fat burning and are good for their health.


Amount of water

But the daily amount of water can also be increased by drinking warm water, because it is simply very easy to drink. In general, 2-3 liters of fluid per day for an adult.

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