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Exotic wild cats - the puma

The puma

The puma (Felis concolor) - it is also called silver lion or mountain lion. He is the largest small cat. Elegance despite muscle mass: the Puma is a graceful powerhouse that adapts well to its living space. It used to be found all over North, Central and South America. Today it is one of the protected and endangered animal species and its population is highly endangered.

Except in the mating season, he is an absolute loner. He guards his vast territory very strictly and to the point of blood. He is the best jumper among cats. Up to five and a half meters in altitude and a maximum of nine meters in length are a trifle for him! The puma is aiming for prey! He prefers to kill large prey such as white-tailed or mule deer. This prey lasts for several days. So he eats his fill first and then hides the rest of the carcass under leafy branches in order to get the rest later.


brown, reddish, silver-gray coat with a light chest and muzzle; Young animals have dark brown spots on their backs that later disappear. Black pumas are rare.


America (from southern Canada to Patagonia).


Forests, mountains, plains and deserts. Weight: up to 104 kg; Head body length: 1.50 to 1.80 m; Shoulder height: up to 80 cm; Tail length: up to 80 cm.


Mammals (especially deer, sheep, goats, umbilical pigs, vicuna camels, golden hares, rats and young ear seals.

The puma is feared, but is easy to tame. Anyone who raises a cougar from birth receives a lovable companion animal with a gentle disposition. The cougar does not give up its territory because of human settlement just because someone is building a house in it! On occasion he even takes a look at the inside of the hut!

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