How do I get a tiny waist

Flat stomach, slim waist: 6 ingenious exercises for a slim body

Goodbye shapewear and waist shapers! You can leave them in the closet from now on. With our special fitness exercises you will get a slim waist in no time and you no longer have to squeeze into air-restricting underwear.

Of course, you have to do a little bit for the slim waist. The good thing: Our fitness exercises are not only ideal for a tight waist, they also train the stomach at the same time. You kill two birds with one stone, so to speak!

So let's get down to the bacon: Here are six exercises for a slim waist!

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How often should you train?

Do the exercises three days a week, preferably with a day's break in between. Also, try to get your whole body moving with endurance training such as running, dancing, or swimming. This will help you burn fat, which will affect the fat over your slim waist. At the same time, pay attention to your diet and reduce sweets, fast food and fatty snacks in favor of vegetables and fruit. A balance between these factors and feeling good about what you are doing for your body can lead you to the results you want.

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1st exercise for a narrow waist: lateral flexors

We take a look at the classic introductory exercise for a tight waist from yoga: With this exercise, you stretch the waist, but also build up a few muscles and strengthen them.

That's how it's done:
Stand up straight. The legs stand a little more than shoulder width apart, the feet point outwards. Tense the abdominal muscles and bend the upper body straight to the left. The left arm moves to the left foot, the right arm points upwards. Repeat 15 times, then do the exercise on the right side.

Three sets of 15 repetitions per side

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2. Exercise for a narrow waist: side crunch

Sit-ups and crunches are also available specifically for the waist. The advantage: you strengthen the abdominal muscles at the same time.

This is how it works:
Lie on your back, bend your legs and place them on your right side. Tense your abdominal muscles, put your hands on the back of your head and come up diagonally to the right. Go back again, but don't put your head down completely. 15 repetitions, then put your legs on your left side and do 15 repetitions as well.

A total of three sets of 15 repetitions each

Variation for advanced users: Do not put your legs on the ground, but take them up in the air so that they float a few inches above the ground.

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3. Exercise for a small waist: balance crunch

Crunches and sit-ups are always a great way to work out your straight and oblique abdominal muscles. This crunch is performed while sitting. This also promotes balance and trains the deep muscles.

That's how it's done:
Sit up straight, your stomach is tense. Lift your legs straight up and go back a little with your back straight. The chest is stretched out. Now bring your arms and legs together and apart again in a jackknife movement. Then bring the arms to the right past the legs, come back to the middle and pass them on the left.

Three sets of 15 repetitions each

Variation for beginners: The exercise becomes easier when the legs are bent at 90 degrees.

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4. Exercise for a narrow waist: side plank

The side support is a great exercise for the whole body, because in addition to the waist, the arms, legs and buttocks are also trained.

That's how it's done:
Lie on your side with your legs straight. Now come up and support yourself on the outstretched arm and feet. The arm is just below the shoulder. Hold this position for 10 seconds. Then switch sides.

Three sets of 10 seconds each per side

Variation for beginners: Support yourself on your forearm and hold the exercise for 10 seconds.

Variation for advanced users: Raises and lowers the upper leg 10 times.

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5. Narrow Waist Exercise: Back Crunch

This exercise is tough, even if it seems harmless at first glance. In addition to the waist, you do something for your back.

That's how it's done:
Kneel on a mat with your legs shoulder-width apart. Tense your stomach tightly, lean back and grasp your ankles with your hands. That is how you stretch your back. Come up again, tense the abdominal muscles and alternately grasp the right ankle with your left hand and vice versa.

15 repetitions per side for a total of three sets

6. Exercise for a small waist: beetles

The beetle is a great exercise for exercising the muscles in the waist, but also the straight abdominal muscles.

That's how it's done:
Lie on your back, tense your stomach tightly. Take your legs up at 90 degrees so that your calves are parallel to the floor. Place your fingertips on the back of your head and then alternately bring your right elbow and left knee and left elbow and right knee together.

15 repetitions per side

Variation for beginners: Put your feet on the ground.

Variation for advanced users: Extend your legs and try to keep them as straight as possible during the exercise.

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Important note at the end: An active lifestyle with a balanced diet and plenty of exercise is still the best way to stay fit and to achieve or maintain a healthy weight.

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