How nationalistic are Norwegians


Journal for parliamentary questions contains articles on political issues dealing with representation and legitimation of the political system. The articles provide a broad overview of the functioning of national and regional parliaments as well as a forum for comparative analysis of international parliaments. One stress is on the parliamentary development of different countries.

Indices are provided in every issue which makes the ZParl an outstanding reference book for institutional and comparative political studies.



The ZParl deals with all areas of politics that deal with questions of legitimation and representation. Federal and state parliamentarism, aspects of the local level and constitutional issues as well as problems of international parliaments are in the foreground. The parliamentary development of other states is also dealt with.

The ZParl provides scientifically proven and systematically structured political information. Documentation and analyzes take up most of the space. In addition, each issue contains articles that take a more comprehensive look at important topics and provide new food for thought. The ZParl is always a platform for discussions; In addition, the latest titles on general parliamentary issues are presented and new publications on the main topics of a booklet are discussed in the literature section. In its "Mitteilungen", the ZParl provides information about the seminars, discussion forums and lecture events of the German Association for Parliamentary Issues (DVParl), among other things.

The booklets of each year are provided with a subject and person index. This gives each volume the character of a reference work on institutional and comparative government theory. In the more than forty years of its existence, the ZParl as a "database" has become a contribution to the chronicle of the Federal Republic.