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But then again, what's the point of having "fuck you "money if you never say "fuck you"?
But on the other hand, what's the point? "fuck you "- money to have if you never say "fuck you"?
When I make my "fuck you "money, I will retire and follow in his footsteps.
If i have enough Money together I will retire and follow in his footsteps, only it will be in Kansas and with staff doing all the work.
Unless you've got some "fuck you "money stashed up your whosie-whatsit, you're shit out of places to look.
Should you no money have hidden more under your tight clothes, I no longer know where to look.
"Fuck you "money is the ultimate liberator, and underneath your town, there's "fuck you "money.
The only way to manage a woman like that's happiness, is with "fuck you "money.
But the only way to make a woman who is so beautiful happy is with yourself fucking money.

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Seriously, this is what we call fuck-you money.
But if it turns out you're lying, I'm going to spend every nickel of that money to fuck you up.
But if you've lied to us, I'll spend every single penny of it to get you ready.
Ah, shit, it's only fuck money.
Oh fuck it, it's just money.
Where's the money Fuck you, Jimmy? - 'Back!
Where's the money Fuck you, Jimmy? - 'Back!
I know guys who have girlfriends and still fuck for money.
I know people who have girlfriends and still care for them Fuck money.
Better is fuck the money then you hurt him as to spread the word.
I see Bud because he makes me feel like Lynn Bracken and not some Veronica Lake look-alike who fucks for money.
I meet up with Bud because he sees Lynn Bracken in me and not the Veronica Lake copy that's for Money fucks.
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