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Learn German online for Malaysians:
Software for learning German

When learning German grammar, the following applies: Practice makes perfect!

This grammar textbook doesn't just provide you with theory!
With numerous exercises you can deepen what you have learned and apply it immediately!
The best thing about it is:
you can all exercises Download to your computer as a PDF and print it out.
So you can use the Solve tasks with pen and paper.
Why not give it a try right away?

Also included in the course: German grammar as an e-book

Do you generally like to study with printed documents?
No problem, you will find them in this language course entire grammar as PDF.
You can print this and edit it as you wish:
Mark important things with brightly colored highlighters, write down special features on the edge of the page or take the textbook with you to your favorite café and learn there!
With this additional feature, you have the Possibility to design this grammar according to your ideas and to make it your personal textbook!

German grammar at a glance

One does not always have the patience to look for the answer to a grammatical problem in a detailed textbook.
That is why you will find one in our language course clear summary of the German grammar!
On 8 A4 pages do we have the most important grammatical phenomena of German collected for you!
You can print out these documents and master grammatical hurdles at any time.

With us you will master the challenges of German grammar!

The German language is famous for countless exceptions and deviations from the rule.
For many beginners, the verb system in particular is a tangled jungle of irregularities.
That's why we have one for you Learning table with the most important irregular German vocabulary Developed.
Print them out and hang them over your bed for a few weeks, for example - after a very short time you will never forget these verb forms!

Learn German at your own pace!

The entire language course is designed so that you can always switch between the different chapters of the course and the grammar.
So determine your personal learning pace and you have the opportunity to first learn what you are actually interested in in the German language.
Each chapter of this grammar has been systematically worked out and is illustrated with many example sentences.
Numerous repetitions ensure that you apply what you have already learned and do not forget.