What are the prices of CPL

Expert guide: sample prices for all types of interior doors

So-called CPL doors are thanks to her special CPL coating, where CPL stands for the English expression "Continuous Pressed Laminate", available in different looks. CPL doors stand out following properties Made of: They are scratch-resistant, abrasion-resistant, light-resistant, insensitive to stains, insensitive to dirt, temperature-resistant, easy to care for and durable.

The Core of a CPL door is mostly a tubular chipboardthat provides good sound insulation. The Frame of the door leaf is made of a stable, so-called medium-density fibreboard (MDF). CPL doors are considered to be robust (stress class N (class 1) according to DIN EN), so they good in children's rooms & Co. can be used. They belong to climate class I according to DIN EN 1121.

There are CPL doors in different designs and different prices (unit prices):

  • plain white CPL interior doors in standard sizes including lock and hinges have prices from around 85 euros
  • Plain-white CPL interior doors with a large light cutout (Glass insert) have prices from 240 euros upwards
  • Plain-white CPL interior doors with only a narrow light cutout (Glass insert) cost a little more, prices start at 260 euros
  • plain-colored CPL doors each cost more than their white variants
  • CPL interior doors with a wood look cost as much as plain colored models, so they are higher than the prices for white CPL doors, price differences arise with these CPL doors due to the course of the wood grain: longitudinal optics are priced slightly below transverse ones
  • CPL doors with a wood look and structured surface, which provides a pleasant grip, cost in a smooth version from 115 euros, with a large light section around 275 euros and with a narrow light section just under 300 euros