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Southeast Switzerland from15.09.2012, Page 08.pdf

Some thoughts on thanksgiving, penance and prayer days

From the district president

Barbara Janom Steiner

The regional churches formed for a long time

and their parishes almost

of course legally and socially

a community with

the state. Recognizes state law

the regional churches, give them up

Autonomy in regulating their

Matters and enables

collecting taxes from the

Members. Now this community will

increasingly questioned.

The reason for this are social

Changes, the growth of others

Religious communities, the renunciation

some people, at all

to belong to a denomination and

new ideas from relationship

between church and state.

Which day would be more suitable than that

Day for some thoughts on the

to express the changing situation.

The prayer mandate finally has

more than 165 years one of

shaped by fundamental change

Outlasts time. Originally was

it from Great Council brought to life

for the worthy celebration of the important

Recommended for the day. How yourself

the minutes of the Grand Council from June

1846 can be deduced, should with it

also to the heart of the clergymen

are placed in their lectures

Spirit of love and reconciliation rule

to let go and join the discussion

to contain political issues.

With reference to this last point

the discussion culture has changed over the course of the year

changed over time. Today it is desirable

that representatives

a living one from church and state

Discourse on common interests

Lead questions. church

and state are for different though

Alignments of the human

Existence and social

Responsible for dealing with. You meanwhile wear

a shared responsibility

for the solution of burning present

and questions about the future. Common

To bear responsibility means

but not now, for everything in common

Find solutions and those solutions

can also be realized together.

Shared responsibility

can also be perceived in a meaningful way

be by any institution

that contributes to problem solving,

what belongs to their core tasks.

The tasks of the state include,

Freedom, peace and human dignity

protect democracy

and to ensure the rule of law,

Welfare and social justice

and especially in Graubünden

trilingualism and cultural

Maintaining diversity. He does that

according to the preamble to the cantonal constitution

aware of responsibility

before God. The regional churches

meet in cooperation with the

responsible ecclesiastical bodies in particular

Tasks of pastoral care,

education in the form of religious instruction

and youth work and

the support of social and charitable

Works. They also entertain

Advice offers, for example, for

Marriage, family and life issues.

The regional churches work accordingly

successful in important areas of life

with the state together.

The regional churches and their pastors

take yourself beyond that

in the context of pastoral care and advice

in an indispensable way people

to those desperate or in need

are. They provide support, show ways

difficult situations to fill up

life with content in a

sometimes superficial and hectic

Time to be forgotten

threaten: Faith in God, love

and reconciliation, an eye for community

and responsibility for

himself, his relatives and fellow human beings.

Direct these offers

not only to members of the regional churches.

They are open to everyone and

thus fulfill a significant

Service to the community.

Dear fellow citizens,

the achievements of a successful

Church collaboration

and state allowed to overlook the

changes mentioned at the beginning

not just taken for granted

be accepted. Your sense and

Must have value to the community

by those responsible in church

and state actively and convincingly

become. Disagreements

for community development

of church and state are of

the exponents of the institutions involved

make transparent and

to be held publicly. Crucial

is how the discussion was conducted

becomes. Church and state

Discourse and especially the

Discourse between Church and State

must be characterized by respect and tolerance

be. You should distance yourself

of mutual teachings and

Know-it-alls. In this sense

Do citizens have a right to

the attitude and the expressions of opinion

their representatives

to know in church and state,

to get yourself into controversial discussions

to be able to bring in.

Let us return to the meaning of the prayer mandate

back, namely a worthy one

Celebrate this important day

recommend. Dear fellow citizens

and fellow citizens, we wish them

and give us the strength to be open to dialogue

and constructive discussions

to the changes in our

To enter the world and society.

Belief in God, responsibility

for the community and the

Will, in the sense of Christian charity

to act, this force can give us

give. With that in mind, recommend

we all of you our fellow human beings

with us the care of the Almighty.

Press review the Evangelical-reformed regional church of Graubünden

Southeast Switzerland from15.09.2012, Page 11.pdf

Meet organ sounds

on trumpet tones

Davos. - In the church of St. Johann in

Davos sounds tomorrow, Sunday,

September 16, at 8:30 p.m. festive

Music for trumpet and organ.

Dominique Trösch, solo trumpeter of the

Chamber Philharmonic Graubünden,

and the church musician from Winterthur

Regina Widmer design in the frame

the «Davos Evening Music»

a program with works from the Baroque era,

the classical and the 20th century.

The two musicians interpret

Works by Giambattista Martini,

John Stanley, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,

Heinrich Stölzel, Joseph Haydn,

Alan Hovhaness, Alexander Arutjunjan

and Kurt Enssle. Entry to the

Concert is free. (so)

Further information:

Since 13 y


Press review the Evangelical-reformed regional church of Graubünden

end of the Federal Council. Which

that will be, it says loudly

the Dornach community clerk

not fixed yet. The SP politician

was on Thursday night

19.pdf died at the age of 85. Southeast Switzerland from15.09.2012, Page (sda)

Reflection on

Christian values

Bern. - 94 National Councils and 19 Councils of States

signed an appeal

of the population on

Federal thanks, penance and

Prayer day from tomorrow to Sunday

Return to Christian values

should move. So they remember

to the tradition of annually

and to celebrate Remembrance Day. in the

The center is gratitude for

the stability and prosperity

Switzerland as well as for peace and

Freedom, as it is called in the appeal.

Stopping from time to time, do

all well. (sda)

Federal Council against

Gastro initiative

Bern. - For eating and drinking

in the restaurant is supposed to continue

higher VAT rates apply

than for buying groceries.

Takes this view

the Federal Council. He recommends one

Gastrosuisse's popular initiative

without a counter-proposal for rejection.

The “Stop it

VAT discrimination

of the hospitality industry »demands

that food and soft drinks

Taxed the same in restaurants

become like in the retail trade

and in take-aways. (sda)

the private sector. For the time being

must use the online portals of public law


get by without advertising.

Federal Councilor Doris Leuthard, the

also responsible for media policy

is justified this with the good financial

Situation of broadcasting -

arrange. “The SRG is not like that

bad, »said Leuthard yesterday

the media in Bern. In fact: alone

from 2010 to 2011 the

SRG's advertising income in

TV area by 17 percent.



A victory for a time

The decision of the Federal Council represents

a victory for newspaper publishers

as well as publisher president Hanspeter

Lebrument confirmed (see Inte













The sun like that

In the future, according to the

Federal Council the sun of all

renewable energy sources

most to the Swiss

Contribute to electricity production.


Bern. - Have renewable energies

a “great potential”, it says in the

Federal Council published yesterday

Report on further development

development of renewable energies.

Because the package of measures for

The nuclear phase-out is imminent

the Federal Council does not

to deal with individual funding measures.

But he emphasizes that this

are necessary.

Hydroelectric power plants produced in

last year with around 33.4 terawatt hours

(TwH) 60 percent of the

Swiss electricity. With an improvement






















Press review the Evangelical-reformed regional church of Graubünden

Also say non-smokers

No to radical rauc

D The initiative is compulsory - that applies

D Non-smokers and employees are in front of passive

Southeast Switzerland from15.09.2012, Page 21.pdf

The battle cry of the hour: "We are all Osama"

While the Pope yesterday as

"Pilgrims of Peace" his

Visit to Lebanon, expanded

the protests against

an anti-Islamic film

the US in Islamic

World out. In Sudan the

German embassy attacked.

By Michael Wrase

Beirut / Khartoum. - The Islamic ones

Extremists fueled protests

against one produced in the USA

Hate film about the prophet Mohammed

have continued yesterday

expanded. Preferred targets

were again American embassies

in the Middle East.

These were after the partial

Devastation of the American missions

in Benghasi, Cairo and Sanaa

a little better protected yesterday.

Violent demonstrators gave way

therefore go for "soft targets",

found in Khartoum.

Attacked in the capital of Sudan

Extremists lying side by side

Embassies of Germany

and Britain's with iron bars

and incendiary bombs. On the

The site of the German representation got caught

a fuel tank on fire. A

Storming the previously evacuated

Messages could be prevented

become. There were neither dead nor injured.

Also in Tripoli in northern Lebanon

local Salafists gathered

in front of an "American representation":

The to for release

the most popular of tasteless films

Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurant

was set on fire. One

the rioter was from the army

Killed "in self-defense".

papal message goes under

Only 70 kilometers south, in Beirut,

opened Pope Benedict XVI. at the same time

his delicate three-day visit to Lebanon,

the morning with one

big fair reach its climax

should. «I come symbolically

as pilgrims of peace for all countries

in the Middle East and as a friend of all its inhabitants »,

declared the Pope. But one

another, very unpeaceful message

was essential in the region yesterday

louder: The slogan «Obama,

Obama, we are all Osama ». The

Droh shout in memory of those killed

Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden

was among others in Qatar, in

Yemen and Egypt chanted.

Came in front of the US embassy in Cairo

it became difficult for the fourth day in a row

Street battles between Salafists

and riot police,

Riots in Khartoum: A fuel tank is burning on the premises of the German embassy.

the first time the message takes effect

shielded. In Tunis, however, could

Salafist violent criminals on that

Advance the US Embassy premises

and the park in front of the

US Marines protected building

devastate. At least three protesters

were killed in the process. The

Keystone image

Circumstances were initially unclear.

US elite soldiers were also in Yemeni

Sanaa and Libyan

Flown in Benghazi.

Press review the Evangelical-reformed regional church of Graubünden

Gathered September 17, 2011

for the first time around 1000 activists in

New York. From then on, thousands demonstrated

with Occupy camps against the

Power of the banks and the capitalist

Economic system - in New

York, Frankfurt, Zurich and many others

Cities worldwide.

ter to. All of these trouble spots become

at some point to a global revolution

swing up, ”says Lasn

convinced. The Occupy camps are

only been the first step. "The

There was something inspiring about casts.

You have a lot of young people

Given confidence and that

Southeast Switzerland from 16.09.2012, Page 18.pdf

protest, ”he thinks.

Really? «The ten largest banks

the world have around the globe

around 35,000 branches ”, explains

Lasn. So make 35,000 demonstrations

or more than 100,000 protesters.

He hopes: “With such

Actions we can capitalism

Clean up piece by piece. The

Ideas »). For the Occupy movement

should it become a kind of bible.

The protests were in favor of “Adbusters”

Incidentally worth it. Since the legendary

Call for the occupation of the Wall

Street increased the circulation of the ad-free

Magazine according to Lasns information

at 30 to 40 percent. Can be so beautiful

be a revolution.

Pope calls for peaceful coexistence

On the second day of his

Lebanon trip has become Pope

Benedict XVI. yesterday for one

Culture of peace between

made the religions strong.

The latest wave of violence

worked in Islamic states

even yesterday after.

Beirut. - Before Lebanese representatives

from politics, society and culture

said Benedict XVI. yesterday in Baabda,

Christians and Muslims lived since

Centuries in Lebanon, not uncommon

there are families with both religions.

Why not in the whole

Society should be possible

asked the Pope. Amid the violent

Muslim protests against

an anti-Islamic video from the

USA he called for peace: «A plural

There is no society without it

mutual respect without the

Desire to know the other, and

constant dialogue. " It's about

«Saying no to vengeance, own

Admit mistakes and forgive »,

said the Pope in the palace of the

President Michel Suleiman.

Thousands of people had in Beirut

the streets lined around the

Head of the Catholic Church

on his ride in the popemobile

Cheering Baabda. According to Suleiman,

a Maronite Christian

the Pope also leading Muslims of the

Lebanon. A fair should take place today

The highlight of his visit.

Security Council condemns violence

The violence by Muslims because of the

Hate videos sparked concern around the world

out. The UN Security Council condemned

the attacks on western embassies

and challenged the governments

of the affected states to foreign

Representations better too

protect. The attacks are «not

to justify », criticized the members

of the highest UN body

in one decided on Friday evening


Even the Grand Mufti of Saudi

Arabia condemned the acts of violence:

Sheikh called Abdulasis bin

Abdullah el Sheikh the controversial

Film «wretched» and «criminal». Indeed

be it «forbidden, the innocent

for the evil crimes

to punish the guilty ».

Cheered by thousands: Pope Benedict XVI. drives through Beirut in a popemobile.

«We will use violence against ours

withstand diplomatic missions »,

said US President Barack

Obama at an air base yesterday

at a memorial service for

the attack on the embassy im

Libyan Benghasi killed four

Embassy staff. The Al Qaeda

on the macawtoon the peninsula,

the attack on the embassy is one

Act of revenge for killing the number

2 of the terror network;

USA: Filmmaker questioned

Los Angeles. - American officials

Probation Authority

have the presumed

Originator of the anti-Islamic film

heard in the Islamic

World led to violent protests

Has. That's what the Los Angeles Police Department gave

known yesterday. The sub-

talk to 55-year-old Nakoula

Basseley Nakoula got on going

Angeles took place. Be nakoula

was not arrested and was

came to watch voluntarily.

Nakoula is currently standing after one

Conviction for bank fraud

under probation. As on

Friday became known, will

currently his suspended sentence

checked. Should the authorities

detect a breach

Nakoula must go to jail.

Nakoula is considered to be the author of the amateur film

«The innocence of the Muslims».

He is by his own account

Coptic Christian. Shared on Friday

he having to publish the video

not to regret considering yourself

of attacks on western facilities

in the eratothe world

but to feel "guilty". (sda)

Image Hussein Malla / Keystone

that reported that to the surveillance

specialized in Islamist websites

US company site. Al Qaeda leader

Abu Jahja el Libi was in in June

Pakistan from an American

Drone killed.

Protests reach Australia

Malaysia and other states tightened

yesterday the security -

precautions especially in front of institutions

of the USA. The protests reached

meanwhile Australia: In Sydney

the police used tear gas

Hundreds of Muslims demonstrating

one moving to the US Consulate

wanted to. There were several injured.

On Friday it was in Islamic

Countries of Indonesia to Tunisia

violent protests occurred.

Especially US embassies,

but also the German and the British

Embassy in the Sudanese

Capital Khartoum were attacked.

In Tunis, Tripoli in the north

Lebanon and Khartoum became several

People killed. (sda)

Press review the Evangelical-reformed regional church of Graubünden

egion Sport 8

topic of the day 13

domestic 14

Ausland 15 with 0: 5 (reports on page 9).

Southeast Switzerland culture from 17.09.2012, 17 page 01.pdf

Sport 18

For the first time in the club's history, the footballers of the F

of the Swiss Cup. We were guests at the Vial sports field in Domat / Ems

the Challenge League professionals from AC Bellinzona. They won the game

Syrian Christians

thank the Pope

Beirut / Pay. - With a mass ahead

Pope has tens of thousands of followers

Benedict XVI. yesterday in Beirut

Completed three day Lebanon trip.

Followed with particular interest

the many Syrian Christians,

those before the civil war in their homeland

to neighboring Lebanon

had to flee, his speech.

«The Pope thinks and feels the same way

like we oriental Christians »said

a young Syrian woman in number of

«Southeast Switzerland». The Pope did

The need of Christians in the Middle East recognized.

They feel forgotten by the West.

(see above) report on page 13

The air for Mörgeli

is getting thinner

Zurich. - «University dismisses professor

Mörgeli, ”was the headline of the newspaper yesterday

"Sunday". That's it

not yet. But the air for the SVP National Council

Christoph Mörgeli, Associate Professor

for medical history

of the University of Zurich, is getting thin.

«Regarding the employment relationship

by Professor Christoph Mörgeli

nothing decided, ”shared the university

With. The extraordinary performance appraisal,

the one since November

2011 is running, has not yet been completed.

Expected in the next few days

Mörgeli also had a debate

his bosses. (see above) report on page 14

United States

from B


ren country

gen a

film against

USA for


tongue pulled

and the

US bots

rack ob

would have t

all Eq

there is no

handles au

sulate. "

Press review the Evangelical-reformed regional church of Graubünden

Southeast Switzerland from 17.09.2012, Page 13.pdf

Subject of the day: PaPsT in Lebanon

Benedict brings oriental

Christians hope back

The Pope's visit to Lebanon

has the numerous Christians,

those from the neighboring

Have fled Syria, courage

made. You feel from

West abandoned.

By Michael Wrase

Pay. - Mariam smiles when she walks into the

Midday news of the Lebanese

Television Pope Benedict XVI sees.

“He's finally here,” says the young Catholic

Christian from the Syrian

Rableh village in a low voice

and expresses her five month old

Son Gabriel lovingly to the chest.

Together they follow the excerpts

from the speech given by the chief

of the Catholic Church at the end

of his three-day Lebanon

Visit held in the capital Beirut

has (see box).

Minutes later, Mariam starts to

tremble. She looks at him spellbound

Screen over which now images

Salafist violent criminals flicker.

Full of hatred, a mob tears in

the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli

Poster of the Pope who angry

There are also two branches

an American Schnellimtochain

on fire. «These people have

life in hell for us in Syria too

made », calls Elias, Mariam's husband,

angry. “Because of these people

we have left our country. " The

was two weeks ago. Today she lives

young family in numbers, one predominantly

by Catholic and Greek Orthodox

Christians inhabited

Big city in the Lebanese

Bekaa plain.

Misunderstood by the West

Mariam and Elias who do not have their picture in

want to see the newspaper, it falls

not easy to get into about their experiences

to speak of the homeland. Until the visit

the Pope had the West

not for the suffering of the Syrian

Christians interested, says Elias angrily,

«Because you like us as followers of

Assad classifies ».

We ask whether that is the case. "As long as

the Syrian army in ours

Village, we didn't feel bad »,

admits Elias. Then came the Islamist one

Faruk Brigade, which they work as collaborators

of the regime of Bashar el

Assad would look at. Wanted

the Christians in the Homs region,

where the village of Rableh is located, just in

Live peace. «Just like before the uprising,

than we have no problems and one

had a good life », says Elias and

asks: "Is that reprehensible?"

The situation of Christians is coming to a head

According to Hagop, one

a Armenian Orthodox Christian who

Start of the great mass: the Pope is cheered by supporters on his arrival in Beirut.

six weeks ago from the Syrian

Fled from the city of Aleppo to Zahle

is, has changed the position of Christians

in Syria only since early summer

dramatically deteriorated. With the

Opposition Free People

They got along with the Syrian army.

The many foreign jihad fighters

those in the Syrian Civil War

also get involved, behaved

facing syrian

Christians, on the other hand, are "hostile". you

would only accept Islam.

Christians are "unbelievers" for them,

which is treated accordingly disdainfully

would. Two friends of

he was murdered by Salafists in Aleppo

says Hagop.

The math student wants in

Pay to wait for the development in Syria.

What many Christians in Syria

bring to despair, be the support

of the West and the Arabs

for Islamist forces. Nobody

know how these people look for you

Restrained at the end of the Assad era

would. The experiences from the

Iraq wouldn't bode well -

there were after the fall of Saddam

Hussein nine years ago more

than 200,000 Christians from al Qaeda

been driven out of the country. Therefore,

the young Armenian emphasizes, be it

«Only understandable that most

Syrian Christians fear of time

to have Assad ».

Image Ciro Fusco / Keystone

afraid of the future

In the Mar Boulos Church in Zahle

we meet Christelle. The journalism student

supervised in her spare time

five of the approximately 300 Syrian refugee families

in the city. According to many

I had conversations with the displaced

their fear of the future increases.

«First Iraq, now Syria and

then Lebanon? " asks the boy

Lebanese woman in front of a billboard with

the Pope's message of peace.

Benedict XVI. got the threat

of Christians by Islamic extremists

recognized, she says, be careful

However, be careful not to use them with clear words

to name. «But we know that the

Pope thinks and feels the same way we do

oriental Christians, ”says Christelle

with shining eyes. "With

his visit he makes us

Incredibly much courage and widespread

Confidence in difficult times. "

Pope prays for peace and reconciliation in Syria

Beirut. - Pope Benedict XVI. has in

a fiery appeal the world community

asked to

«Feasible ways against the roar

of arms »in a civil war country

Find Syria. In Beirut in neighboring

Lebanon lamented Benedict

in a Sunday mass the

Violence in Syria and the “shouting

of widows and orphans ». In conclusion

his three-day Lebanon

Travel he spread his call to

Peace and Reconciliation in the Angelus Prayer

hundreds of thousands ago

of believers from Lebanon and

the Middle East. "Most notably

we implore the gift of peace

for residents of Syria and

the neighboring countries, "said the Pope.

The service was the highlight

the Lebanon trip of the 85-

year old head of the church.

After the anti-western riots

the past few days

made in many Islamic countries

the Pope in Lebanon for the

Building a culture of peace in the vicinity

East strong. He demanded

«New model of brotherhood».

«It is time for Muslims and Christians

unite to the violence and

to put an end to the wars. "

Meanwhile, the Syrian army is supposed to

Report by the German news magazine

According to "Der Spiegel"

Carrier systems for poison gas grenades

have tested. The tests would have

near the research center for

Chemical weapons at Safira east of

Aleppo took place, the reported

"Mirror" and referred to it

Eyewitnesses. (sda)

Press review the