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Get Instagram followers - the best tips

Getting a lot of Instagram followers in a short space of time doesn't seem to be particularly complicated, if you can believe the various articles and tutorials that exist on the Internet on this topic. 500 new followers in an hour, 10,000 in a week - this supposedly requires a small, simple trick. And also for the photo network - as is usual in the social media industry - you get dubious offers, Followers easy to buy.

The big problem with these methods is that lack of sustainability. You are missing the actual purpose of a large following. Because you don't just need more followers on Instagram, you first and foremost need active followers. Only if a follower also leaves a comment or like or shares your post will you increase your reach and generate more followers. Furthermore, users do not automatically receive all contributions from the subscribed profiles, but one Selection filtered by the Instagram algorithmbased on the calculated relevance. A user who is actually not interested in your posts will not reach your posts in the long term, even if he follows you.

The goal should therefore be to gain Instagram followers who will view your posts and, ideally, also comment on them and share them with their friends. We have put together a number of Instagram tips that will help you follow this goal.