Has it ever snowed in Tempe AZ

Record-breaking snow depths in the lowlands

Herisau AR has never had as much snow since the start of measurements as Meteoschweiz wrote on its website on Monday. Last Saturday, 75 centimeters were measured there, more than ever since data is available.

In the lowlands and in slightly elevated areas, the accumulation over a longer period of time is less important than in the mountains. At the mountain stations, the highest snow depths would naturally only be reached in late winter.

According to Meteoschweiz, the snow depths are exceptional, especially in many parts of the eastern Swiss Plateau, in the St. Gallen and Chur Rhine valleys and in general in the canton of Graubünden up to around 1000 meters above sea level.

75 centimeters in St. Gallen

No records, but there were also above-average high values ​​in St. Gallen. There, at 776 meters above sea level, there were 75 centimeters of snow on Sunday. In Landquart GR at 537 meters above sea level it was 98 centimeters last Friday, and still 75 on Monday. In Trogen AR, the measuring station showed 95 centimeters of the white splendor.

According to Meteoschweiz, the amounts of snow at the mountain stations in large parts of the northern slopes of the Alps and in the canton of Graubünden are well above average. One is "far away" from general records at this altitude above 2000 meters. The highest heights in such locations would naturally be reached in April or May.

On the Weissfluhjoch near Davos, for example, there was 210 centimeters of snow on January 18. On January 18, it is an average of 142 centimeters there. The highest snow depth ever recorded in April was 366 centimeters at this station.