What is the vegan friendliest country

Vegetarian & Vegan Travel: The 10 Best Countries for Vegans and Vegetarians

When it comes to stays abroad and traveling, most of them look forward to the food. For vegetarians and vegans, a trip abroad can mean that you should first stick to the side dishes before you have found a smart restaurant that offers vegetarian and vegan cuisine. The website and app Happy Cow is a worldwide rating platform for restaurants and cafés that specializes in rating restaurants according to their vegan or vegetarian friendliness. Since vegans and vegetarians can be more lucky in some countries when it comes to food choices, a career abroad has compiled a list of the top 10 countries:


No other country has as many vegetarians as India. According to a 2007 study by the UN FAO, India has the lowest meat consumption and therefore even more vegetarians than the rest of the world combined. As a vegetarian, it is therefore very easy in India. However, most Indians are ovo-lacto vegetarians and therefore consume eggs and milk. Many curry dishes contain butter and yogurt and are therefore not for vegans. Even if the term “vegan” is rarely used in India, there are many restaurants that call themselves “pure vegetarian” and are therefore vegan.

When it comes to pure vegan food, Israel could also be at the forefront. There is the highest per capita rate of vegans in the world and there are more and more. Accordingly, the selection of vegan food and vegan restaurants is huge. As in other countries in the Middle East, falafel, humus, couscous and tabouli are part of everyday life and are vegan anyway.

Due to the Buddhist population in Taiwan, around 14 percent are vegan or vegetarian. Even if the term “vegan” is more common here for western tourists, most vegetarian restaurants are also vegan, as dairy products are rarely used in Taiwan and eggs are more likely to be sold as an additive in dishes. Dumplings filled with vegetables, noodle soups or rice dishes are particularly popular.

Australia is a reservoir for all different cultures and especially due to the strong Asian influence, there are all kinds of vegan and vegetarian dishes in Australia. The Australian chain "Boost Juice" can be found on almost every corner in most of the larger cities and is particularly worthwhile for a quick smoothie breakfast. Most cafes also always have almond or soy milk and there is hardly a restaurant that does not offer a vegetarian option.

Greece is a very vegan-friendly country due to the mezze culture. The fair includes all sorts of starters such as dolmades (rice wrapped in vine leaves), gigantes (large white beans in tomato sauce), keftedes (patties mostly made from zucchini), spanakopita (puff pastry filled with spinach), horta (cooked green vegetables) and of course also Greek salad. Greece's answer to humus is called fava and is made from pureed yellow lentils. Stuffed peppers, eggplant salad, and baked vegetables are also popular dishes.

The vegan movement has not stopped at Italy and more and more vegan restaurants are opening. The traditional marinara pizza consists only of tomato sauce, olive oil, garlic and herbs and is therefore inherently vegan. In addition, Napoli or Arrabiata is vegan and tastes great with any type of pasta. In most gelateria there is a small selection of sorbet and mostly soy-based ice cream for vegans or people with a lactose intolerance.

The island of Bali in particular has a lot of vegan food to offer, as the Buddhist population of Indonesia lives there. In addition, Bali is a hub for digital nomads, who often follow a vegan or vegetarian diet. From exotic fruits to coffee with coconut milk to street food - Bali leaves little to be desired for what the vegan heart desires.

The Rastafari make up around 10% of Jamaica's population and their influence can be felt across the island. Most Rastafarians are mainly vegan and this explains the huge selection of meat-free options. Sweet potatoes, cornbread or any food with coconut are particularly popular.

Poles have a very high level of health awareness and in recent years the choice of vegan and vegetarian dishes has expanded as a result. Poland has numerous, especially numerous soups, such as beetroot or with pickled cucumbers, and many salads. There are also pierogi, which are made with potato quark, mushroom or even fruit fillings.

Canada, like Australia, is a hodgepodge of different cultures. The big cities in particular have a lot of vegan restaurants to offer and pretty much every restaurant has at least one vegan or vegetarian dish on the menu. Canada is particularly known for its beaver tails, which are like flat donuts and are offered with all kinds of spreads. For vegans, there are the Beaver Tails, for example, with apple and cinnamon or the classic with Canadian maple syrup.

Marlene Schimanski is the founder and editor-in-chief of Career abroad. She has already lived in five different countries (Portugal, Iceland, Austria, Ireland and Australia) and emigrated to Australia in 2013. She worked for PwC and KPMG in Global Mobility before she went freelance as an English translator and career coach. She holds a Masters degree in International Business Administration.