How do people with no arms wipe themselves

Most people incorrectly wipe their buttocks, says a proctologist

  • Everyone has to go to the bathroom. Everyone has to wipe their butts.
  • The majority of you get it wrong, however - and cause serious injuries, says proctologist Evan Goldstein.
  • You'd better dab than wipe. This is how you prevent anal fissures. And stay away from wet wipes.
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Everyone goes to the bathroom. But the way many people clean their butts afterwards can lead to serious injuries.

Evan Goldstein, a New York proctologist, says: The most common injuries to this part of the body that he sees are anal fissures and cracks caused by incorrectly wiping.

"Nobody talks about how to sh *** properly", Goldstein says very casually in an interview with Insider, and just as little about correct cleaning afterwards. The interview took place during Butt-Con - an event organized by the Tushy company. She sells bidets that can be placed next to toilet seats.

The skin on the anus is very thin and fine, especially in women. All kinds of "hard" touches could cause tearing, resulting in pain and bleeding.

Wiping too hard or frequently can damage your bottom

Basically anyone can develop an anal fissure. Often, however, it is young college-age people (between 18 and 22) who are particularly prone to these cracks.

“As students, most of them eat improperly and drink a lot of alcohol at the same time,” he says. These eating habits can lead to constipation; which in turn can wreak havoc on your rear end. Because if you push too hard, you are putting too much pressure on the anus at the same time. And that can lead to a crack.

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And as if all of this wasn't bad enough, students make it worse. Because they want to feel particularly clean, many students wipe too often and too vigorously. They injure the fine buttocks skin even more, explains Goldstein.

For precisely this reason, people who want to force something in the toilet develop anal fissures more often. "If you just don't have to go to the toilet before class, don't force anything," Goldstein says, according to his own statements, to his students. He gives the same advice to anyone who reports this problem to him.

Stay away from damp toilet paper - and dab instead of wiping

The products you use to wipe after the big deal are also important for those of you who want to treat your bum well. Goldstein especially warns against damp cloths.

It is a common misconception that wet wipes are better than regular toilet paper. In truth, however, they also wipe away important bacteria that protect you against yeast infections, bacterial infections, and fungi. So in the end, wet wipes make you more susceptible to all of these diseases.

“These wipes are damp and they remove all the good things. They are an irritant to the body that no one should use, ”says Goldstein. (The American Academy of Pediatrics, an association of American pediatricians, recommends that parents use disposable wipes when changing diapers.)

Evan Goldstein adds that wet wipes are especially dangerous for people infected with the human papillomavirus (HPV). You could move anal or vaginal warts to other parts of the genitals - if the wipes pick up the sexually transmitted infections.

To keep your bum healthy, Goldstein recommends dabbing instead of wiping - and using as gentle motions as possible. Ideally, he adds, you use a bidet after using the toilet and then dab away the remaining water with some toilet paper if necessary.