Was Hitler obsessed with the occult world?

Alternative Reality - 5
Trevor Ravenscroft

The holy lance

The occult power of a relic & comma; with whose help Hitler wanted to conquer the world
2013 HJB Verlag
Edition new edition.
352 pages & semi; 210 mm x 131 mm
ISBN 978-3-937355-87-0

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The spear of the Roman mercenary Longinus & comma; the Christ's side pierced & comma; became the holy lance & period; Whoever owns this spear and knows about the mysterious powers & comma; which lie therein & comma; holds the fate of the world in his hands & period;
& NewLine;
& NewLine; This book tells about the 'Spear of Fate' and about the men & comma; who have owned it so far & comma; including & colon;
& NewLine;
& NewLine; - Constantine the Great
& NewLine; - Charlemagne
& NewLine; - Heinrich the Vogler
& NewLine; - King Athelstan of England
& NewLine; - Otto the Great
& NewLine; - Emperor Barbarossa
& NewLine; - Friedrich II & period; from Hohenstaufen
& NewLine; - The rulers of the House of Habsburg
& NewLine; - Adolf Hitler
& NewLine; Who will be next & quest;
& NewLine;
& NewLine; Another essential part of the book deals in an unusual way with Hitler's rise to power and the further development of the Third Reich - from the point of view of the occult background & period;
& NewLine; This combination has legitimately given the book the status & comma; to be one of the most important standard works in conspiracy literature & period;