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Jewelry calculator: precious metals

Three calculators for precious metal content, fineness and weight (mass) of precious metals. The first calculator needs two values, the other two one each.

1. Determine the precious metal content

Rounding to decimal places.

Weight refers to the entire metal mass (e.g. the piece of jewelry). Fineness is the proportion of the precious metal (e.g. gold) in per mille. Precious metal content is this proportion in grams.

2. Determine the fineness

Rounding to decimal places.

Per mille, ‰ or 1/1000, parts per thousand, is the common measure for the fineness. A value of 1000 is the theoretical maximum, in practice this is not possible. 24-karat fine gold is typically 999.9 ‰ purity.
percent,% or 1/100, are parts per hundred. Share of 1 is the mathematical measure for arithmetic.
The carat (C, kt) as a measure of the fineness of gold is an old measure that is still used. It is a completely different unit than the metric carat.
Lot and Grän are old units for the fineness of silver that were common until the 19th century. 16 lot = 1000 ‰, 1 lot = 18 grän.
Troy ounce pennyweight in 12 troy ounces, oz t, dwt, is an old British unit of measurement for the fineness of silver. 12 oz t = 1000 ‰, 1 oz t = 20 dwt. Sterling silver is 11 oz t, 2 pwt, or 925/1000.
Solotnik or Zolotnik is an old Russian unit of weight for 4.265 grams. The precious metal content is one solotnik per Russian pound, that is 1/96.

3. Convert weight (mass) units

Rounding to decimal places.

The kilogram is the SI base unit (International System of Units) of mass. A Gram is a thousandth of a kilogram, a milligram is a thousandth of a gram or a millionth of a kilogram.
Grain, German Gran or grain, is an old English unit of measurement that is still used for jewelry. The Gran had different values ​​in the German-speaking area.
Tola is a common measure of gold and silver in many parts of Asia.
Baht (like the Thai currency) is a common measure for gold in Thailand, which refers to the pure gold content. Gold from Thailand has a standard purity of 965 ‰, so 1 baht of this gold contains 14.71046 grams of pure gold.
The Troy ounce (English troy ounce, oz t) is used for precious metals and gemstones. It should not be confused with the ounce. Troy ounces only indicate the weight of the precious metal content. E.g. 1 kg of fine gold = 32.151 troy ounces, 1 kg of 333 gold = 10.717 troy ounces.
The ounce (English international avoirdupois ounce, oz) is a common English and American unit of measurement that should not be used for precious metals. It is listed here to avoid confusion.

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