Why is every terrorist a Muslim

What does a terrorist look like?

a guest contribution by Komal Khawaja (14 years)

Many people believe that Muslims are terrorists. Why? Because some terrorist groups call themselves "Muslims" and claim that they kill people in God's name? It is precisely because these people use Islam as a cover for their violence that many think that Muslims are terrorists.

Why does nobody believe that Christians are terrorists?

Anders Behring Breivik killed many innocent people in Oslo on July 22, 2011. He called himself a Christian, but nobody calls him "Christianistic". Instead, many people say he has mental health problems and deal with his childhood problems. If a Muslim had committed this act, would he be labeled an Islamist terrorist? Probably! Before the Norwegian people found out that it was a Norwegian who carried out the merciless action, the assumption spread that it was an Islamist terrorist. So is prejudice, violence and hatred against Muslims spreading?

How twisted is our world?

Terrorism can come from and affect people of any religion. Muslims are often associated with terrorists, but they are just as often victims of terrorist acts. IS kills many Muslims, e.g. in Syria, Palestine or Turkey, even though they are described as an Islamist terrorist organization. How can that be? There is always a lot going on about "Muslim terrorists". When something terrible happens in Europe and people are killed, everyone gets scared. Little is reported about those countries where Muslims are systematically persecuted.

Do we learn from our history?

It has long been suspected that many Muslim Uyghurs are detained in re-education camps in China. Many mosques are being closed. In India there are increasing reports of Muslims being killed and violence being perpetrated against Muslim families. Ever heard of Hindu extremist terrorists? Aggression is provoked by the government and used as a strategy in the territorial dispute with Pakistan.

This oppression has been known for a long time from history. The best known example is National Socialism. Even then, Hitler claimed that Christians were worth more than Jews. He oppressed their people and made life difficult for them. He has deliberately used prejudice to justify his cruel policies. In the past few days it all started with the same discrimination as there is today against many minorities.

Is Religion Free From Terrorism?

Examples show: Each religious group can exercise violence and persecution against another religious group. It has nothing to do with religion itself, but with its internal politics. Basically there is no modern religion that calls for killing or hatred of people. Often their meaning is "only" taken out of context, misused and abused for personal purposes of power.

Regardless of whether you are a religious person or an atheist - dealing with one another without prejudice can dismantle some political and religious propaganda and remain the basis of peaceful coexistence.

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