What is more powerful than love

#Berlin: 7 strong reasons why love is always stronger than hate

Another horrific event is currently shaking the whole world. 12 innocent people lost their lives in an attack on a Christmas market in Berlin. In an act of senseless violence, an assassin raced a truck into the crowd at the Berlin Memorial Church and seriously injured several people in the process.

As a result of this tragedy, people around the world now express their sympathy and support for the families of the victims and those affected. With the hashtags #PrayForBerlin (in German: "Pray for Berlin") the network unites to set an example against hate and for love.

The terrible incident in Berlin doesn't let go of us either and we therefore want to set an example - with 7 reasons why love is simply stronger than hate.

1. To love is much less strenuous than to hate: A smile is less muscle demanding than a bad look.

2. Love brings people together, while hate only drives them apart.

3. The Buddha said, "Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other to die."

4. The term "love" has significantly more search results on Google than "hate".

5. Medically proven: Laughter is healthy.

6. It is easier to forgive and meet people with love than to hold on to resentment and hatred forever.

7. Hatred is blind and makes us forget all reason and all rational arguments. Love, on the other hand, lets us see with the heart.

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