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Buy a used bike and save

It makes perfect sense to buy a used bike, and not just when buying bicycles for children. Because if you browse the many advertisements at Quoka, you will immediately see how much money you can save compared to the new price. This even applies if you are looking for a high-quality racing bike or BMW mountain bike. After all, there are many suppliers at Quoka who want to sell their old bike used. You enjoy the advantage that you can make a price comparison online and wait for the best offers. Because when it comes to bicycles for women and men, you have a large selection at Quoka. Often several providers offer the type of bike you are looking for. Compared to the bike shop around the corner from you, Quoka offers the decisive advantage of price transparency. You can see the offers in your area from both private and commercial providers and choose the bike that suits you best.

Buy a bike: browse the Quoka sections

To make the search for the right bike much easier for you, Quoka has been divided into different categories. As a sub-category of the sport and fitness category, you can discover, for example, mountain bikes, BMX bikes or racing bikes. Bicycles for children, women and men are also available. There is also a large variety of bikes available in the “Other Bicycles” category. Even with the youth bikes Quoka offers many advertisements from people who want to sell exactly such bikes online at a fair price. Quoka offers you various filter options that you can set using the menu bar on the left. Hopefully your search for a suitable used bike will be crowned with success even faster. For example, you can limit the price range so that you don't even see bikes that don't fit your budget anyway. In some cases, bicycles are also offered free of charge at Quoka. However, you should read the terms and conditions of the offer carefully for the bicycles to be given away. Because many bike owners want to do a good deed with it and only give their old bike away to a certain group of people.

Buying a used bike: what to look out for

Regardless of whether you want to buy a used bike for women, men or children, there are a few things to consider when making this purchase decision. You should never buy the bikes unseen and always meet the seller in your city first. A short test ride should also be possible to see whether the racing bike, BMX bike or mountain bike keeps what it promises. Stay away from bikes with rust! If you buy such a bike, you could unfortunately quickly get into a nasty surprise. A little test ride is also advisable because this is the only way to determine whether the respective bike is really suitable for your body size. Otherwise, after buying the bike, it may not be as comfortable to ride as you would have hoped. It is best to develop a list of the criteria that your used bike should absolutely meet before studying the ads. You can then compare this list with the advertisements on Quoka. It is best to list the criteria in two columns. It is important to separate the criteria that must be met from the desirable but not absolutely necessary criteria. While your new bike may need a certain number of gears, a bike basket may not be that important. Because you can also retrofit it to your used bike without having to spend a lot of money.

Buy a bike, sell it and benefit from it all

Even if you want to sell your old bike first before you get a new one, Quoka is exactly the right place for you. The advertisement for your bike for sale for women, men or children can be created in minutes and can then be seen by many people in your area. A photo of a racing bike or mountain bike is of course essential if you want to sell your used bike as profitably as possible. Multiple photos are beneficial. Because then the chances are much higher that a serious prospect will contact you who may buy your bike from you in a few days. You can also use Quoka to communicate with interested parties and answer their further questions. Since you can reach a significantly larger audience with Quoka, it can be the case, especially with a very well-preserved bike, that you can achieve a relatively high price. So just put your ad live and wait for the inquiries from potential buyers. You have nothing to lose at Quoka and can try out this service without any obligation. In this way, there is sure to be a buyer for your beloved bike in a new to good used condition!