How can I promote my author blog

Successfully write your own author blog

7 tips to make your own blogging blog a success

Having your own author blog is a valuable tool for connecting with more readers, promoting your own book, increasing brand awareness, and selling more books. Nowadays there are many blogs created by writers and for writers that differ in many ways. For this reason, today we are going to give you some tips that will help your author blog on the jumps.

1. Invest in your own domain for your author blog

The domain or url is the virtual address of your site. With your own domain, your website will have a professional layout. Although there are free domains, they do not offer the same functionality as a registered and professional domain. On the one hand, your blog will look more or less amateurish and unprofessional. On the other hand, websites created through a free and free domain will not appear on the first page on Google. And let's be honest, who goes to the second search page ...

You should also know that today everyone can have a registered Internet address, as the prices are minimal.

When creating your own domain, it is necessary to find out whether the name you have chosen is available. There are many websites out there that will check the availability of the domain name you want.
If the address is not available, the website will notify you immediately. In case of a positive answer, simply fill out a form with all the information about your website and your payment details. At the end of the process, you will receive a message to the e-mail address you provided confirming the contract and stating that you can now register your domain.

So if you want to be successful with your blogging blog, one of the most important things is without a doubt using your own domain. This gives you the right to be the sole owner of the address on the Internet and to use it exclusively.

2. Take care of the design of your own author blog

Images have significantly changed the way we communicate. Therefore, the content of your blog should, rather must, be accompanied by images in order to attract the attention of the digital reader. After all, you can say from experience in your own school days, for example, that lectures or texts that were equipped with pictures appeared much more pleasant and interesting.

Therefore, it is a lot easier for visitors to navigate through a blog that has an original and eye-catching design and pictures. These elements provide a certain point of reference and a better overview.

There are several stylistic guidelines to follow in order to create a successful blog:

  • Choose and adapt the template of your website. It should match the type and tone of the content you want to convey.
  • Create your own color palette.
  • Don't use the images as a mere ornament, but as a resource to brighten up your content and allow the reader to relax their eyes. In addition, the image should be relevant, attractive and of high quality. Nothing is more uncomfortable than an overexposed, slightly pixelated picture.
  • The structure makes it all: uses several blocks of text, uses bold words to emphasize the importance of a word or phrase, and uses subtitles.
  • Simplicity is keyAs they say in English: When in doubt, keep things simple. The fewer fonts, colors and elements, the quieter your website will appear.

3. Keep your own author blog up to date

A blog needs continuity when it comes to updating and posting content. Creates a publishing schedule with set times and days. This means that your readers know when they can expect new posts and will therefore access your blog more frequently. However, continuity doesn't mean overwhelming your readers. After all, quality is more important than quantity! So you don't have to publish a 500-word long text every week on the same day just to ensure the continuity of your contributions. For example, do you have a project that is very important to you, but that also requires more time and effort? Then take your time and build tension with your readers by announcing this project, but not revealing everything about it right away. In this way, with a certain continuity, but also a bit of variety, you create curious and loyal readers.

4. Visibility of your author blog

Use social media as a diffusion channel to give your blog a voice. Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. are platforms on which you can publish your publications and thus reach a wider audience.

5. Differentiation

Nowadays it is almost mandatory for any writer who wants to get known and improve their digital presence to have their own style. So you can stand out from the general crowd and create your trademark, so to speak. This created image is then automatically connected to you. It is necessary to consider the style, subject and tone of voice when writing. For example, you can greet your readers with a specific, very personal sentence to your weekly blog posts. Thus, on the one hand you have a continuous beginning for your posts, on the other hand you convey this positive feeling of anticipation to your new blog posts to your readers. And above all, you create a friendship between author and reader!

Style: The main recommendation is to keep a consistent style in all images. In this way you create an aesthetic that is immediately associated with your personality and your blog. After all, it's also about establishing your own brand or style. It is therefore also advisable to use pictures you have taken yourself, as not all pictures that are free from copyright will always correspond to your ideas. Often it is too obvious that these are so-called free stock photos. So dare to personalize your style both in writing and in pictures. Of course, this is not a must, but an interesting recommendation.
Theme: Another key to differentiating is to follow the same theme. This is important as it shows your readers that you are an expert on certain subjects. At the same time, you can describe the genre of your books in more detail and give your readers a better idea of ​​your stories.
Voice and tone: The tone used on your blog is a reflection of your "personality". Recognizing your written tone is an important differentiator. Therefore, use your own writing style and you will be able to develop a more intense connection with your audience.

6. Provides valuable content

Delivering valuable content is about delivering information that is important and not widely available.

Today we live in a time that is characterized by a flood of information, as we are exposed to large amounts of content every day. Think carefully about why readers should choose your blog and your books. What do you have that others don't? Look for your unique selling proposition and explain it.

7. Take care of the community of your own author blog

Without your readers, this group of loyal followers, you would be, to put it bluntly, a nobody in this sea of ​​authors. They are the ones who keep your blog alive with their comments, keep content or share it on their social profiles. So, first of all, encourage them to post comments, interact with you. Also, be sure to ask your readers what topics they are most interested in or what you should write about next. This feedback will be the best tool to continue your writing project. After all, through interaction, you make your readers feel that you are not just a personality that exists online, but a perfectly normal person who listens to the needs and suggestions of others.

Finally, don't forget that maintaining a blog is a task that requires your effort, persistence, dedication, time, and organization. It is necessary to regularly update the blog, generate content and attract your old and new readers. Once you've created your blog as an author, you need to learn how to optimize the way your content is published to achieve the greatest possible dissemination and success. This does not mean that you have to be perfectly structured right from the start and just not change your concept.
It takes time and experience to figure out what works best for you and your readers. Interests and ideas change and that's good!