How was your experience at TISS


What is TUWEL?

The TUWEL ( is the e-learning platform of the Vienna University of Technology. Many courses are accompanied by an online TUWEL course in which lecture slides, exercise information and other documents are shared with the students. Even with many exercises, the number of examples prepared by the next exercise date is recorded in TUWEL (Kreuzer lists). You can find out whether there is a TUWEL course on the TISS page of the course. You can also find the corresponding link there.

What is the difference between VO / VU / UE / PR?

The main difference between these types of courses lies in the form of teaching and performance assessment. Here is a rough overview of what to expect from the various types of courses. What exactly has to be achieved in order to pass a course and what the overall grade is made up of can vary. This information can also be found in the TISS and is usually discussed in the first unit of the course

VO - lecture: Lectures, usually without compulsory attendance, usually consist of lectures by the lecturers. Proof of performance is based on the results of a written examination. Oral tests are often used for lectures with a small number of listeners.

UE - exercise: In exercises, the knowledge from the lectures is deepened by applying it to examples and discussions. Exercises are part of the examination, i.e., attendance is required and the grade is usually made up of various parts of the performance (e.g. participation, list of the calculated examples, practice tests etc.)

VU - a mixed form of lecture and exercise, usually as a lecture with accompanying exercise, which is an integral part of the examination and requires attendance. The exact composition of the grade will be clarified at the beginning of the course and will be found in the TISS.

PR project or internship: Projects are also subject to examinations (attendance required) and often contain experimental tasks.


How do I find seminar room X / lecture hall Y?

As a student of technical physics, you will mainly move around in the Freihaus, especially in the first semesters.

Are you looking for a seminar room for your physics exercise labeled Sem. R. DB yellow 05A, you will probably soon get used to the fact that the first letter in the code is the name of the building (D. for Freihaus), the B. stands for the middle (yellow) tower (tower A, B and C denote the red, yellow and green areas), yellow confirms this information to you again, 05 indicates the stick, and a possible addition such as in this case that A. means that there is not just one seminar room on this floor and area. Therefore, it is best to pay attention to the door signs or site plans on the respective floor. Also ask friendly staff at the institute, they can show you the way.

If you are looking for a lecture hall or are moving outside the well-known Freihaus, you can use this website to be guided to your goal. But be careful, because seminar rooms in the Freihaus still have an outdated designation. Also pay attention to the addition in front of the lecture hall number, because e.g. FH HS 4 and HS 4 are both lecture halls with number 4, but one is in the Freihaus (FH), the other in the main building. Other names that reveal the rough location to you EGG for the Electronics Institute, AI for the Atomic Institute and GM for the Getreidemarkt campus.