How can I lose belly fat overnight

Flat stomach overnight trick: does it work? The fact check!

A Flat Stomach Overnight Trick That Really Works? That would be something! We'll tell you what to look out for if you want a tight waist.

Just go to sleep once and your stomach is flat? A dream! What could it just be if only it weren't for the stupid reality.

Because with posts like “Flat stomach overnight” you have to look closely and look at the starting point. In short: you have to differentiate between love handles and bloated stomach.

Because it is not always done with a simple trick. Often you have to look at the problem long term and work on your habits.

Is it love handles that adorn the waist? Then even the best flat stomach tricks won't work overnight.

Because let's be honest: How should excess body fat simply disappear overnight? Of course it's not that easy. Unfortunately.

You can also find many of the tips in this article in our "belly away!" Training plan - in 6 weeks to a flat stomach. Because if you want a flat stomach, you have to train your body and supply it with the right nutrients. In the plan you will find the best workouts suitable for everyday use & delicious fitness recipes. Just have a look at the training plan information page.

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Flat stomach overnight tricks against the bloated stomach

Have a spark of truth "Flat stomach overnight“Contributions, however. However, the tricks are not aimed at fat deposits, but at the very common bloated stomach or water retention. So: tricks that work are just tips that prevent the bloated stomach.

If your belly often resembles a balloon and you feel as round as a ball after eating, you've come to the right place.

5x flat stomach overnight trick

You don't have to be embarrassed for a bloated stomach. You don't have to be embarrassed. Many women suffer from air in their stomach. It's mostly little tricks that help the pot belly to say bye bye.

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1. Take a close look at yogurt

Yogurt has a very good reputation. It is said to stimulate digestion and bring the intestinal flora into balance. But be careful: this applies to natural yoghurt!

Stay away from Fruit yogurts! Very many have an enormously high proportion of sugar. Almost 12 cubes of sugar per 250 grams of yogurt! One sugar cube contains 3 grams of sugar. With the supposedly healthy yogurt, you are consuming 36 grams of sugar.

The World Health Organization recommends eating no more than 25 grams of sugar per day. With a single “healthy” yogurt you have already exceeded the daily amount of sugar. Terrifying, isn't it?

The solution: Then just close diet Grab yogurt? Also not a good idea. There are artificial sugar substitutes in diet products. They make it pleasantly cute. Without calories.

But unfortunately with a large amount of unhealthy sweets. Many people respond with a bloated stomach. Many diet products contain additional artificial ingredients to make them taste good.

Tip: Simply mix your fruit yoghurt yourself! Natural yogurt with fresh fruit is quick to make and delicious!

And then there's the problem with that lactose. Lactose is difficult for many people to process. This inflates the stomach terribly, sometimes even causing stomach cramps and diarrhea.

In a large number of those affected, the intolerance occurs all of a sudden. From today to tomorrow. It often takes a long time to find out what is to blame for the constant bloated stomach.

Does this trick really work?

Yes, but not overnight and not for everyone. This can definitely help anyone who suffers from lactose intolerance. But hardly go to sleep just once.

Our flat stomach overnight tip for yogurt: Use lactose-free natural yogurt. But don't expect miracle effects to set in too quickly :)

2. Don't chew gum

How to get fresh breath quickly after eating? This is particularly pleasant at work. If you want to save calories, you can use sugar-free chewing gum. It's good for your breath, but your stomach isn't at all happy about it.

As in numerous diet products, chewing gum also contains the sugar additive sorbitol. A sweetener that has the advantage of being much lower in calories.

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But unfortunately sorbitol is very difficult to digest. Undigested and especially in sensitive stomachs, the sugar substitute is a great breeding ground for bad bacteria. They cause the feeling of gas and gas.

Often it is not lunch itself that provides air in the stomach, but the chewing gum afterwards.

Also very common: chewing gum gives our brain a signal. Our body is preparing to have something to digest in the stomach. Unfortunately nothing arrives. This can also be a problem for a sensitive stomach.

Our flat stomach tip: Eat an apple instead of chewing gum. It also ensures fresh breath and also contains a large amount of vitamins.

More great tips against air in your stomach can be found here: "Goodbye bloated stomach: No more air in your stomach"

Does this trick really work?

Well In the long term, it can work. But not only if you do without chewing gum. Artificial sugar is hidden in many foods. Look carefully at all foods.

3. Avoid certain vegetables

Vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower or kale are especially known to inflate the stomach. So eat these vegetables with caution and never in the evening.

The same goes for legumes. Here it is mainly beans that bother us. If you still feel like a portion of vegetable protein, you can use lentils. Lentils are easier to digest and do not bloat the stomach so badly.

Pineapple, papaya or bananas, on the other hand, prevent air in the stomach. You can also eat steamed vegetables, fish, rice and non-carbonated drinks.

The longer and better you chew your food, the better it can be digested.

Our flat stomach overnight tip: Try to loosen up your stomach with bloat yoga and relax.

Does this trick really work?

Yes and immediately. Insofar as you are sensitive to the vegetables mentioned.

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4. Shower at the right time and at the right temperature

It is said to also help showering before bed. Because our body cools down when we sleep.

Because of this, if it is too hot in the bedroom, we cannot sleep well. So whoever takes a shower before going to bed activates the body's internal thermostat.

When you sleep well, your body lowers the stress hormone cortisol. It is also known as the fat storage hormone.

Does this trick really work?

Well Don't expect miracles overnight. Showering properly can help you with your weight loss plans. But it by no means works overnight.

Our We Go Fit nutrition plan can help you with this. We know from our own experience that it is often very difficult to eat properly.

Especially with the recipes you quickly reach the limits of creativity. Therefore, it is worthwhile to set up a cooking plan. It is best to plan what you will be eating a week in advance.

A conscious diet not only brings you closer to your dream figure. You will also change mentally. Those who eat healthy are in a better mood and have more power.

In order for you to succeed, you can create your personal nutrition plan with our We Go Fit program. You choose between losing weight, building muscles or clean eating and indicate your favorite foods.

We will put together a nutrition plan that adapts to your needs and that suits you 100%. It's very easy. Try it :)

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5. Drink enough and healthy

Drinking a lot is important. We all know that. Still, we do it far too seldom. Our bodies need a lot of fluids to function. He needs a large part of it for digestion.

You should get around 2 liters a day. Unsweetened drinks like water are of course best. If this gets too boring for you, you can use herbal teas or water with fresh fruit.

Drink an herbal tea before bed. It relaxes the stomach and helps prevent air from developing in the stomach. Particularly suitable: anise, caraway and fennel.

Our flat stomach overnight trick: A hot glass of water with lemon stimulates digestion. But apple cider vinegar also helps you lose weight.

Does this trick really work?

In the long term: yes. Overnight: No.

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Flat stomach overnight with love handles

Even if many magazines want to make it clear: lose love handles overnight - unfortunately that doesn't work. At least not after just going to sleep once.

who Get rid of bacon have to plan a few more nights. Anyone who does not get ahead with “flat stomach overnight tricks” will probably have more than a bloated stomach. Fat pads can only be combated with exercise and nutrition.

All of our know-how from over 3 years is in our training plan and nutrition guide “A flat stomach in 6 weeks: Without a gym and without a diet”. We attach particular importance to everyday workouts without training equipment and recipes that you can prepare quickly and easily.

By the way: Only use the scales as a guide. When you lose body fat, you build muscle with a good workout. Muscle is always heavier than fat. So sometimes little will be done with the scales. Although you have already reduced your waist size.

If someone tells you that you can only lose weight on your stomach, don't believe them. Unfortunately that doesn't work. If you dream of a firm stomach, you have to get your entire body in shape.

If you are interested in the topic, have a look here: “How do I get a flat stomach? Training and nutrition ”

Training and exercises for the flat stomach

Sport is and remains simply the most effective weapon against love handles. However, doing just sit-ups does not help much.

If you want a flat stomach, you have to reduce your body fat percentage. And also strengthen the opponent's muscles. In the case of the abdominal workout, these are the back and buttocks.

With us women in particular, body fat first collects on the hips. The reasons for this can be found in genetics.

Away with the bacon! These exercises will tone your stomach!

Women generally have a higher percentage of body fat than men. In addition, our tissue is “softer”. But what's the use of complaining? Nothing at all :) That is why it is all the more important to target the body fat percentage with training and nutrition.

If you change your diet and exercise diligently, you know that your flat stomach is no longer an absolutely unrealistic distance overnight.

Without enough exercise, you will hardly have any success. The figure won't change much.

We recommend: At least (!) 3x sport per week!

The more often the faster you reach your goal.

How to Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat!

Endurance training against belly fat

Get rid of the bacon. To do this, the excess flab must first tumble off.

It works very well with endurance training. The outdoor workout should be given priority.

Bodyweight exercises for a firm stomach

You don't have to buy expensive exercise equipment. You already have everything you need for your workout. Except maybe the exercise mat. Your body weight is the best belly fat killer.

High intensity interval training is particularly effective. The advantage: You can pack an intensive workout in just a few minutes. Although you are not using any exercise equipment here, you start to sweat a lot and get your heart rate up.

Diet for the flat stomach

Fat deposits on the stomach can be combated with a balanced and healthy diet. It is important that the insulin level always remains approximately at the same level. If the insulin level falls, we get cravings.

And we all know too well that it ends with chocolate. We therefore always recommend at least 5 meals a day.

What makes the blood sugar level rise and fall very quickly are sugar and white flour products. White flour doesn't keep us full for long. A short time after eating, we feel hungry again. And eat more as a result. By the way, white flour is not only hidden in obvious products such as rolls and pasta. It is worth taking a closer look at the list of ingredients!

The 17 biggest myths about the flat stomach!

It looks better with whole grain products. The body bulges longer to be able to process them. So we feel full longer.

Another culprit is sugar. It lets the insulin level ride a roller coaster and also has a large amount of calories ready for us. Of course, that all ends up on your hips.

So if you want to lose weight in the long term, you have to rethink your sugar consumption. Eating white flour should also be reduced.

Tip: In the book “Einach slim and fit” by amazon, you will find numerous healthy recipes that will support you on the way to your dream figure.

Vegetables against cravings

Do you like to snack in the office? Do you usually go for sweets? Then try a healthy alternative! Vegetables contain a lot of vitamins and at the same time low in calories.

Carrots, cucumbers, celery and peppers can all be dipped in sour cream with herbs.

Avoid unnecessary calories

As we now know, a healthy diet and a flat stomach always go hand in hand. So you should avoid fatty, heavy food and sweets.

You don't have to cut everything off your menu that you like. But you need to start eating more consciously. Every now and then a chocolate bar or a menu with cream sauce is perfectly fine. But it should simply remain the exception.

If you want to lose weight, you need to eat fewer calories than you use.

So when you have a snack or treat yourself to a piece of cake, you just make sure that lunch is lower in calories.

You can find a lot of really unnecessary calories in alcohol. In fact, he's one of the flat stomach's greatest enemies. Alcohol lowers testosterone production. The hormone promotes fat burning. But only if we don't drink alcohol.

Eat foods that burn fat

Yes, there really is. These foods stimulate our metabolism. When it's really busy, our body needs a lot of energy. And then you can fight the love handles with your food.

Typical "fat away" foods are chilli, pineapple, and papaya.

Flat stomach thanks to massage

After a workout, massages can also help flatten your stomach. Because the massage stimulates blood circulation and fat loss. By the way, we relax while doing it. Which in turn breaks down cortisol (the stress hormone). But massages alone are not the solution to getting rid of belly fat. They support you in this. But they are not a substitute for good nutrition and exercise.

That's how it's done:

Massage your stomach daily. To do this, apply a little nourishing oil and massage around the navel with light pressure.

Tip: You can order care oil online here.

Our conclusion:

There is no such thing as the one flat stomach overnight trick. First, one has to distinguish between a bloated stomach and real belly fat. A bloated stomach must of course be “treated” differently than annoying love handles.

In the case of a bloated stomach, a change in diet is usually sufficient. But if you want to fight belly fat, more is needed. Unfortunately, flat stomach overnight does not work with bacon rolls. Here you have to change your diet, habits and training in the long term.