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There are two broad groups of hair removal methods, hair removal using flash light techniques and hair removal using laser devices.

Flash techniques include IPL (Intensed Pulsed Light), SHR (Super Hair Removal) and all other technologies that can be traced back to flash lamps. Some companies have come up with their own brand names for their treatment method, and some have also had legal protection, such as: Epilight, INOS, crossepil, depilight, and many more. These can all be traced back to the basic technology with light.

Interestingly, the description that SHR technology is a combination of IPL technology and laser technology is often found again. This is completely wrong and in part misleading. The devices available with SHR technology are based on IPL technology, in which several flashes can be fired one after the other and therefore work is usually carried out in motion and individual flashes are not "stamped" on the skin.

The home devices that can now be bought at Amazon and even in domestic electrical retailers are basically IPL devices that have a much weaker performance than those used in specialist institutes for permanent hair removal. Home devices with laser technology are currently not known.

When it comes to laser technologies, there are also numerous different technologies available on the market under an unmanageable number of brand names.

An interesting phenomenon is also the company Alma Lasers which manufactures devices for permanent hair removal with laser and for permanent hair removal with light. These devices are very common in Austria. Thus some cosmetic institutes claim to work with laser devices, but actually actually use devices with IPL technology where the word laser only appears in the brand name of the manufacturer, this of course causes pure confusion.

There are studies that come to the conclusion that flash devices should be more efficient than laser devices, but there are also studies that come to the conclusion that laser devices should be more efficient than flash devices. Unfortunately, we are not aware of a single study that actually measures equivalent devices with the same performance and currently the same technology level in order to really come to a representative result.

Both technologies, both flash technology and laser technology, definitely have their justification for existence and their scientifically proven effect. We consider flash technology to be the technology more suitable for us and use it.