How are the employment opportunities in Canada

Job market

The strong growth of Canada's economy is concentrated in the 4 main cities: Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Montreal. Unemployment is highest in Atlantic provinces such as Newfoundland, Labrador and Prince Edward Island. It is imperative that you have a work permit prior to starting your employment in Canada. Well-prepared employers will apply for the work permit before your arrival. However, many companies are a bit hesitant about this, as contacting lawyers can cost a lot of time and money.

Qualifications and special skills

The command of the English language is an absolute requirement to find a well paid position in Canada. In Quebec, employers require a perfect command of French. Employees with bilingual language skills are particularly popular, as many companies operate in both English-speaking and French-speaking Canada.
The classification of your qualification depends on the work you want to do. Relevant work experience is a practical prerequisite for a good job for all employers, and a university degree is usually required for well-paid positions. Volunteering and recreational sporting activities are also preferred traits by applicants, as they speak for team spirit and good work ethic.
If you are looking for a part-time job, e.g. to earn money for your studies, you have a good chance of finding it in Canada. However, part-time jobs are usually not paid well, especially in retail or the catering industry. Pay special attention to your special abilities, maybe you can teach your mother tongue, privately or in a language school.
There is also a significant amount of unofficial employment in Canada, e.g. many people are employed in the construction industry without a work permit. Although there is a possibility, we do not recommend you to take up employment without permission. There is a risk of expulsion without ever being able to re-enter Canada.

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