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What can good car care sets do?

Perhaps you have already tested a car care set, but you may also be just starting to think about whether you need the products at all. The number of different designs is extensive. Terms like “platinum” or “ceramic” are used here. It is therefore important that you first find out what products are available and why it is important to invest in them too.

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A scratch in the paint is just one of the problems that can be solved with a car care kit. You can also give a slightly dull paintwork a new shine or ensure that your vehicle does not rust. Good sets are put together to do everything for you extensive maintenance contain. This includes:

  • Care for the rims
  • Care products for the body
  • Cleaning agents for indoor use

Of course, it is also possible that you only want to buy the care sets for a certain area. Perhaps you already have everything you need to clean the interior of your home and are now looking for the variants with which you can take your time Clean the body can. A good car care set proves to be versatile in the test and offers products that are coordinated with one another. Basically, it is an important recommendation that you clean your vehicle first before you start caring for the car. This is how you remove stubborn dirt and prevent it from scratching if you use the rag and the Care products go over the body or the surface.

Tip: Of course, you can buy individual products that are offered by different manufacturers. The advantage of a set, however, is that a manufacturer can coordinate its products with one another and thus ensure optimal care.

Supplier of car care sets

If you would like to get an overview before you carry out a car care set test, it is advisable to take a look at the individual manufacturers. Sometimes you are not really aware of which providers are really active in this area. The most famous companies include:

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  • Platinum
  • Jemako
  • Sonix
  • Wellpro
  • Dyson
  • Tupperware

Tupper is a company called Tupperware, which is primarily known in the field of plastic containers. But car care sets are also part of the range. Of course, you can also check directly with BMW or another car manufacturer whether they have suitable sets available. This is where you often get one Car care professional set. However, this is not exactly cheap. It gets cheaper if you start an online comparison or look at ATU, Lidl or Aldi.

For which areas are there car care sets?

When looking for a good set for the car care set, the first question that arises is which areas on and in the vehicle can actually be cared for and why it is important to ensure that the right products are used here.

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Vehicle area for cleaningThat is to be observed
Cleaning the bodyIt is the skin of the car and needs to be taken care of to prevent rust from forming. In fact, the effects of external influences on the body should not be underestimated. Good auto body care kits contain products that you can use to polish and protect paintwork. Scratches can also be removed very well. However, it is important that you only work with soft cloths, otherwise you will work more scratches into the paintwork.
Indoor cleaningIt is often not known that there are also car care sets for the interior of a car. Many people only use a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth. Sucking out is also a good factor. However, you can usually not reach every corner here. It is also better if you have the right products on hand. This includes cleaning agents for the windows and the cockpit, which are offered in a high-quality car care set.
Cleaning in the rim areaA bump on the curb, a quick brake, salt on the road - there are many influencing factors that the rims have to deal with. To ensure that these are well protected and cleaned effectively, there are special kits. With a rim cleaner, you have the option of removing dirt and protecting the rims.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of car care kits?

Whether you really want to invest in a car care set or buy the care products individually depends, of course, on what you prefer. Basically, however, you can make an initial decision based on the advantages and disadvantages.

  • With one purchase you get all the necessary care products.
  • You get the care products from a manufacturer.
  • The care products contained are specially designed for the material on the vehicle.
  • Effective care even of hard-to-reach and sensitive areas.
  • Sets are often cheaper than buying individual products.
  • Not all products may be required for cleaning.
  • You only receive products from one manufacturer in the set.
  • The shelf life can be limited, which is a problem with large sets.

Car care set test - use the experience reports

Of course, you want to use only the best products in your car and think about how to find them. A car care set test for different sets is usually a great help, but is not always that easy to find. If you find what you are looking for, you can Review read and see whether the test winner is an option for you or whether other sets from the test are the better choice. It is therefore a very good idea if you are basically looking for recommendations walk. You can often find extensive field reports and reviews from which you can see whether the respective set is a good idea for your vehicle.

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Note: In some cases, older test reports can also be found online. When comparing the products, always pay attention to the ingredients and check whether your vehicle manufacturer has information on whether certain ingredients can not be used for cleaning.

Conclusion: buy cheap car care sets

How expensive a car care set is depends on several points. The manufacturer plays a role, but of course the question of whether it is 4-part, 5-part or 6-part also arises. Offers that are very cheap are usually made available by discounters. However, you can also make a comparison online in a shop. Before you order is a price comparison to recommend. Also, watch out for shipping for the best deals. So you are optimally informed.

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Tip: During the first car care set test, it is a good idea to start on a small part of your car that cannot be seen at first glance. In this way you ensure that possible reactions to the care products are recognized quickly.

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