You can print photos from old negatives

Have photos printed from negatives and slides

Do you have old negatives or slides from which you would like to have photos printed? Send us the negatives and slides and we will print the photos for you. We scan the negatives and print photos from them. Upon request, we can also save the data on a data carrier or send the photos to the Dropbox. If you are not sure what kind of negatives it is, you can take a picture of the negatives or slides and send us the photo by email. We will advise you and let you know which option to choose.

Prices for photos from negatives and slides:

Scanning the negatives or slides:

Color negative 135 per image CHF 0.90

Black and white 135 per picture CHF 1.50

Slide 135 per picture Fr.1.50

APS film per picture CHF 1.50

Negative 120/110 format per image Fr.3.50

Save data:

on CD / DVD CHF 7.00 per order

on wet transfer CHF 7.00 per order

on USB stick Fr.12.00

9cm format Fr.0.20

10 cm format Fr. 0.40

13 cm format Fr.0.70
15 cm format Fr.1.40
20 cm format Fr.4.90

Label your negatives with the number and size of the photos you want. You can also send us a list with the numbers. For slides, we recommend labeling one envelope per size.

1. Enter the number of photos that you would like to have printed out in the form below.
2. Select the format of the photos. If you want to order different formats, do steps 1-4 for each format / negative type.
3. Choose the surface of the pictures (glossy or matte).

4. Click on the "Add to cart" button

5. Follow the order process

6. Send the data carrier with a copy of the order confirmation that you will receive by email to the following address: AG

Photo service

B├╝tzbergstrasse 2

4912 Aarwangen

If you also want to develop color films or disposable cameras, or have negatives on CD, you can send them all together. To do this, put the other products in the shopping cart:

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Develop color films

Photos from negatives

Digitize negatives and slides

Develop black and white films

Photos from data carrier

Please note that we cannot accept any liability for lost data carriers, films, disposable cameras, negatives or slides and other products that you send us.

The information about the size of the photos is a guideline. The photos can deviate from this guide value. The size of the data has an influence on the actual size of the printed photos. The paper we use for the photos is on rolls. These rolls are predetermined widths of 10.2 cm, 12.7 cm, 15.4 cm, and 20.3 cm. So the shorter side always corresponds to this dimension. The longer side results from the size of the picture. So if your photo has an aspect ratio of 1: 1 (square), the photo will be 10.2 x 10.2 cm in 10 cm format.