How good is physical therapy as a career

Physiotherapy studies: all information

What makes studying physiotherapy so special? As a physiotherapist these days, you have to be able to provide qualitative evidence of the work you have done. Dealing with applied research methods is therefore essential. As an academic physiotherapist, after your studies you will be able to contribute to the modernization and further development of physiotherapy in health care. Your career opportunities as a physiotherapist are therefore broad. The physiotherapy degree prepares you optimally for the job market so that you can work in various fields. So you are not only in great demand as a physiotherapist, you can also work in health management consulting. Management positions in companies in the healthcare sector are also possible. In principle, your skills allow you to work in the areas of prevention, therapy, rehabilitation and research and development. Possible jobs for your career as a physiotherapist include, for example, specialist clinics, rehabilitation clinics and centers, spa facilities, medical practices and, of course, physiotherapy practices. Sports medicine and preventive medicine facilities are also always looking for well-trained physiotherapists. Thanks to your studies, you can also aim for a career as a physiotherapist as a teacher in a vocational school.

In general, you can say that you will have a secure job after university, because the increase in sedentary activities and a sedentary lifestyle in general as well as increasing life expectancy are just a few points that will change the work of physiotherapists in the long term. The healthcare market is changing and the need for qualified specialists is increasing. And despite the upheavals in the health system, physiotherapists will also be needed in the future. However, in order to pursue a great career as a physiotherapist, you should definitely specialize. Although you often have to take part in ongoing and sometimes expensive training courses for such a specialization, the effort is definitely worth it. Possible course topics for a specialization are, for example, lymphatic drainage or manual therapy.

For this reason it is also said that a steep career as a physiotherapist is almost impossible without further training, because there are now too many independent physiotherapists whose practices are springing up from the ground.

Your salary after studying physiotherapy depends entirely on what profession you ultimately do. If you are self-employed as a physiotherapist, it depends, for example, on whether you are good, whether you have made a name for yourself and whether many patients come to you. In addition, as a physiotherapist with a bachelor's degree, you can expect an average starting salary of 2200 euros. In addition, you are also in great demand in the health industry. Depending on the position, this offers you not only excellent career opportunities, but also attractive salaries.