What was it like growing up 50 cents

SZ: 50 Cent - Your son Marquis is now eleven years old. How often do you see him?

50 cents: He lives with his mother during school. But he spends all the weeks off school - spring, summer and winter holidays - with me. Even when I am engaged in recordings or films, he is by my side.

SZ: How does he deal with being the son of the most successful gangsta rapper?

50 cents: Marquis stays cool there. When he came to a new school, he didn't say anything about me - nobody knew who his father was. When his classmates found out, he was rather uncomfortable ... I would give anything for that: that my son has the opportunity to grow into a better version of his father.

SZ: A better version of yourself?

50 cents: I see the same behavior patterns and quirks in him that I had as a child. He just doesn't have to go through the same hell ...

SZ: ... how do you grow up without a father and lose your mother to murder at the age of eight?

50 cents: Exactly. In addition, he can rely on the fact that he is materially supplied. Many of my mistakes were based on a sense of lack: I took to the streets to make money, so that I could go on with my normal life after my mom died. She had always sacrificed herself for me and my needs. Then I came to my grandparents, who had eight other children on their cheeks - just imagine what a descent it was for me!

SZ: Back then, did you develop the quirks that your son also shows today?

50 cents: Strangely enough, I usually know in advance how the Marquis will react to a situation. Sometimes I can't visit him for whatever reason: he'll be offended and won't call me either. Next he has someone else tell me: Marquis is offended. Because he expects me to approach him and not the other way around. That's exactly how I always behaved. When I felt uncomfortable with a person, I avoided them. I just kept silent. Everything eaten into me. And waited for the other to take the first step.

SZ: Do you want to stop your son from doing that?

50 cents: I tell him it's important to talk about how he's feeling. We also have regular conversations about what he sees on TV. They often show such obscene pictures! You can't leave a child alone with you.

SZ: Doesn't that also apply to many hip-hop texts?

50 cents: A lot of people complain that hip-hop is so overly aggressive - but they should check out the television program. The combination of moving images and sounds leaves a much deeper impression than rapeseed ever could.

SZ: My twelve year old son plays action games on the computer and on the internet for a little thrill ...

50 cents: That's exactly what I'm worried about: all the perverted opportunities the internet has to offer. If I'm not constantly standing by while my son is surfing the Internet, I don't know what kind of things he comes across ...

SZ: Do you think of porn?

50 cents: For example. The boundaries are fluid there. The other day I caught Marquis in an erotic chat room. He's just beginning to be interested in the girls.

Part 2: 50 cents across the line between entertainment and pornography.