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Is Merkel talking Egyptian perestroika "Kurt Hager wallpapers" on the neck?

Is Angela Merkel telling Egyptian perestroika "Kurt Hager wallpapers" on the wall?

Lands Angela Merkel, in the middle of the perfect Egyptian demonstration storm of the world revolution, accidentally on purpose, like a historical blind fox, dresser, at the Kurt Hager "change of scenery"
February 05, 2011
Merkel's experience of the revolution is in demand

Federal Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg supports Egyptian demonstrators as a sociopolitical blind fox with a full mouth of cooked empty formulas

“I hardly know anyone, no, nobody, who has foreseen the developments in Tunisia and Egypt”,.

As well as.
The 47th Munich Security Conference is not just about the Egyptian turnaround itself, but about the so far missing event of a political turnaround in the European House, including its transatlantic NATO carpet carpets and runners.

All outstanding representatives of the government, opposition, parties through the parliamentary bank of the German Bundestag, first and foremost Chancellor Angela Merkel, Federal Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg no longer see the Wendewald at home because of the Arab turning trees when it comes to political twilight of the gods, thunderstorms, Thunder and thunder of political changes in the security architecture of the European House.

Instead, clogged phrases from the cover-up debates of the old Kurt Hager school from 1987 are used in an interview with Stern:

09 April 1987 The wallpaper comparison by Kurt Hager

by UltimateHerosWelt @ 2007-04-09 - 01:19:25

Twenty-four years ago an interview with the SED chief ideologist Kurt Hager appeared in the magazine "Stern". His wallpaper comparison should go down in history, as a sign of the impeachability of the GDR leadership.

In an interview, Hager comments on the reforms of his big brother, the Soviet Union, and is asked whether the GDR will also change, in the spirit of glasnost and perestroika. His answer:

"It seems that the Western media are interested in this issue of copying because it fits into their illusion of the hand of Moscow, of the alleged monotony and monotony of socialism. If your neighbor were to repackage his apartment, would you feel obliged to to repackage your apartment as well? ".

At that time, the GDR nomenclature, under the leadership of its shrewd, cunning formulating SED chief ideologist, editor-in-chief of the New Germany "ND" Kurt Hager (1912-1998), historically apparently decelerated the change of perestroika, the glansnost of the socialist brother country USSR under the leadership of Mikhail Gorbachev knits and refuses fundamentally.

Angela Merkel warns of immediate new elections in Egypt at the 47th Munich Security Conference

Chancellor Angela Merkel warns of the impatience of the revolutionaries.
“We didn't want to wait a day in 1989, we wanted the D-Mark. But when we saw after October 3rd, 1990 how difficult the whole process actually was - it was good that we took our time. "

In her speech, Angel Merkel recalls the “democratic awakening” that she joined in the first free Volkskammer election in March 1990 with East Berlin pastor Rainer Eppelmann.

“I found that we had absolutely the right ideas.” Only nobody noticed: the party got a whopping 0.9 percent of the votes. "I therefore consider a quick election at the beginning of a democratization process to be wrong"

These statements by Angela Merkel in her speech at the 47th Munich Security Conference are in this respect completely twisting, even turning upside down, more than strange.

It was precisely the then SPD candidate for Chancellor, Oskar Lafontaine, who, together with others, including the head of the Federal Central Bank at the time, Karl-Otto Pöhl, called in vain to slow down the "Rasenden Roland Zuges" of the German unification process.

What was indispensable for the CDU / CSU / FDP at the time as open and targeted
"Need of the turning hours"
after the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989,
Should not apply today in the time of the fall of the Egyptian political revolution, namely to help openly, quickly and unbureaucratically the promoters of the Egyptian political change and not to leave all political influence to the bureaucratic monsters of the tax-financed diplomatic missions abroad of corrupt party foundations?