How do I promote my WordPress site

Make your own website known: crash course for beginners

Anyone who wants to sell a product needs advertising. But how does marketing work when you want to make a homepage known? This is mainly what you rely on Online marketing. But traditional marketing also has its advantages that continue to exist. In this way, web spots on television or radio, as well as advertising in print media and on posters, generate wide attention for a product. Online marketing is usually more targeted. Some of the most important advertising measures in online marketing are therefore comparatively cheap and are more likely to generate leads, i.e. prospects or customers. Much of the work is devoted to To avoid wastage. How does this work?

  • With the help of Search engine optimization (SEO) you increase the probability of being found for a certain search term (the "keyword") in a search engine.
  • Search engine advertising (SEA) places advertisements as cheaply and accurately as possible in a clearly visible place in the search results of a search engine. These ads are similar to natural search results and also refer to the offerings of your online presence.
  • At the Affiliate Marketing Advertisers place their ads on relevant websites. The website operator receives a commission for this, often based on lead generation.
  • Content Marketing, also called inbound marketing, should arouse the interest of the target group through editorial content. Bribe with know-how, humor or as a consultant, win the trust of potential customers and, ideally, keep them for the long term.
  • Email Marketing is a good means of addressing customers individually. Those who willingly provide their contact details are likely to have an increased interest in your offers and content.
  • Banner advertising, placed on thematically appropriate websites, attracts customers to your offers with meaningful images and calls to action (call-to-action).
  • Social media increases reach, opens up creative opportunities for customer participation and is an affordable platform for small businesses.
  • Multimedia content are on the rise. Those who produce short videos or podcasts can also score points in the mobile area.

Before using any of these marketing methods, analyzehow visitors use your website. How long do users stay on which subpages, which topics or products are of interest in the long term? As far as permitted by law - and with the consent of the site visitors - you can analyze data that gives you clues about the Interests and characteristics of your target group deliver. Only then does it make sense to work out a longer-term marketing strategy. Use a mix of strong content, SEO, effective third-party advertising and an active social media presence. These actions take time, but your efforts will most likely result in better customer relationships.

To your Range to expand even with less internet-savvy customers and generally yours Branding You benefit from taking it out into the real world classic marketing. With QR codes, the web address or social media hashtags, you can refer to your website and make your homepage known. The right mix of online and offline marketing increases the popularity of your website.