What is a white label travel portal

White labels for travel with Travelan

Anyone who has already dealt with the subject of travel will have noticed fairly quickly that most travel portals actually always offer the same thing, namely a white label from Traveltainment. As far as I know, opodo, expedia and many others as well as weg.de obtain a relevant part of your data from there. But there are other providers on the market. For example Travelan. There you also have access to travel tainment, but you can access other travel booking engines. These can be optically adapted in a simple manner, i.e. they can be labeled with white labels.
Adaptation is possible using a tool integrated into the Travelan login. You specify color values ​​for texts, link colors, etc. and you can cobble together a complete online travel agency yourself. Actually quite nice.

There are also a few "gray labels" which you can put on the page. In general, almost everything that has to do with travel is offered. It starts with offers for last-minute trips, continues with a rental car price comparison and ends with singular insurance products.
In general, Travelan seems to me to be very recommendable, because the little things have also been thought of, such as a hint for the customer that if he is already calling the hotline, he should provide an ID, which happens to be the partner ID. (-:

If you want to take a look at the whole thing: This is the way to Travelan