Where can I buy used camera equipment

Sell ​​cameras at reBuy

If you want to sell your used camera and don't want to wait long for your money, you are at the right place at reBuy. Here we explain to you how you can sell your camera or your used camera particularly conveniently and easily. It doesn't matter whether it is an older model or whether your digital camera is still relatively new. At reBuy you can sell your used camera online and enjoy numerous advantages. Each item is checked by experts and we inform you about the respective order status. Incidentally, you will look in vain for sales fees and commissions at reBuy.

Selling used cameras - the easy and convenient way

It only takes a few clicks to find the right item and the desired product category in which your item should be sold. Alternatively, it is also possible to sell using the practical reBuy app. If you have decided to sell via the reBuy app, all you need to do is enter the item's barcode. After you have provided some information, your used camera will be fairly valued. There are no shipping costs for your package with a sales value of 10 euros or more. After we have received the goods, they will be checked by our team.

Selling cameras online - this is how you get your money

Let's summarize the advantages that are offered to you at reBuy:

After we have applied our evaluation criteria to your used camera, the purchase price will be calculated. As soon as you have accepted this, the camera is simply placed in the shipping box - done. At the end, we will immediately credit the sales proceeds to your customer account. Either you just leave the amount until you want to fulfill another wish with us, or you can have your money paid out. If you do not want to accept our offer, we will send your article back to you free of charge.