Why do I suddenly feel highly intelligent

I don't want to be demonstrated either, like at the graduation ceremony of elementary school: You put me on stage and I was supposed to answer questions, for example about the fastest train in the world. And me? Made a monkey out of me.

When I was young I actually only had one or two good friends - that hasn't changed to this day. I was too exhausting for other classmates and teachers with my constant questioning and knowing better. Although I really knew better, or because of it. But when it came to who was going to the children's guess show "One, two, or ... three?" comes along, everyone wanted me there.

Sometimes I feel like I belong to a secret caste. When I went to a cafeteria meeting for the first time and met other gifted people, it was a relief not to have to hide. Cafeteria is when you tell a joke about three corners and still everyone laughs.

I try to be more patient with you: you simply cannot grasp facts as quickly as I can. It's almost like Buddhist Zen, when I observe and explain and then watch again as knowledge matures. I really enjoy passing on my knowledge and making life easier for others every now and then. That makes me very happy - I really enjoy talking to people.

Two out of a hundred people are highly gifted and not all of them know it, unfortunately: Otherwise they would know that they are not too stupid to be well received by others. But that they simply think faster and thus fall off the grid.

Those who know about their intelligence early on and receive appropriate support can perhaps make more of it so that this potential would not be wasted - I only found out about it late. I am neither an astronaut nor will I get the Nobel Prize. I have to wonder what I made of this particular talent. Admittedly, I was too lazy to really get involved in school and studies. So I'm not going to the moon.

You may be surprised, but I can also fail to operate a new coffee machine properly - if I haven't read the instructions. But because none of you know my IQ, none of you is gleeful.

Despite my giftedness, I often feel stupid: When I put someone against the wall again because my head is just so full and everything has to come out. And I overlooked or ignored the signals that the other person has long since lost interest. I could hit my forehead afterwards.

So if you come across someone who talks a lot and knows a surprising amount, please don't be surprised. Instead, take advantage of the opportunity for a stimulating conversation with detailed background knowledge. I would be glad.

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Information for gifted students and IQ tests can be found at https://www.mensa.de/

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