Is she your only one

Translation of "your only one" in English

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the only your only


That was your only one good property.
That could your only one Opportunity.
In fact, it is likely your only one balancing ability.
In fact, it is probably your only redeemable feature.
After all, I am your only one Girlfriend.
I don't wanna die if I do your only one Memory am.
I don't want you to die, if I am your sole memory.
What i need from you your only one The job here is to keep Todd away from me at all times.
What I need you to do, your sole purpose in being here, is to keep Todd away from me all the time.
He is your only one real weakness.
Now I am your only one Allies.
That was not your only one Possibility.
That is after all your only one Joy.
You concentrate on your art, it's your only pleasure in life.
I am your only one Girlfriend here.
I mean, I'm the only friend you have in New York.
House ... that is your only one Possibility.
But right now I am your only one Option.
But right now I'm the only choice that you've got.
I am your only one Hope to get out of here.
Whether you like it or not, I'm your only hope of getting off this planet.
You are your only one Witness, you have to testify.
You're your only witness, you've got to testify.
This is your only one Task here.
Dad i am your only one Daughter.
My lure is your only one Rescue.
You always talk like we are your only one Family.
We are primates your only one Hope.
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