Has your dog ever bitten you

Dog bit another dog, do I have to pay?


At Easter 2017 my Chihuahua was attacked and bitten by a large dog running free. The dog was a dog that had to be on a leash and had to wear a muzzle, he was not insured, although every dog ​​in Hamburg has to have a liability!

After that, the holder just disappeared, but I was able to spot it on Facebook and displayed it. The ad has been discontinued. But now I was still at the cost of the clinic (1080, -), since I knew where they live, I met the dog owner who had offered me installment payments, but she wanted to have them checked beforehand whether the amount of the costs was correct.

So I waited a long time and when nothing came I wrote to her, then a letter came back in which she informed me that the exam was still in progress and she would contact me if she got the result that I shouldn't have letters write more she reports on her own. Again, nothing came and I wrote two more letters at longer intervals in which I now also announced further paid steps. But I have never heard from her since the first letter from the dog owner. What else can I do to get my money?

I myself am an early retiree and only have a small pension that is barely enough to pay my costs and buy me and my dog ​​something to eat. I cannot afford a lawyer, even if I know that I am in the right, you have to advance all costs first and then you do not know exactly whether you will ever get the money back from the owner later.

I ask you for help and tips, I don't know what to do next!

Thanks for your help in advance.

Greetings from Hamburg,