Which phones are better Oppo or Vivo

Oppo, the new Huawei?

There was a time, and not so long ago, when Huawei launched top-quality smartphones with cutting-edge technology at a fair price. Over time, the company became better known in this country. With the level of awareness, the prices for new smartphone models also rose. An example: While the Huawei P9 Plus, the top model in 2016, cost around 700 euros at market launch, the manufacturer is charging 1,000 euros for its current flagship, which does not even run all common Android apps.

Huawei quickly realized that once you've made a name for yourself, you can really tweak the price screw before the rich buyer jumps out. Not only in this aspect, the company has copied something from Apple. But this is another story.

Huawei is repeating history

Then, some time later, Huawei did the same thing all over again. The Honor brand was created and the game started over. At the beginning in particular, Huawei was keen that its own subsidiary would not be associated with the powerful mother. Why? To create a new brand and not just a branding of an existing company. So you could push cheap and good smartphones into the market again in order to raise prices later. As with a retort tape, components from the main brand were initially borrowed and re-glued together. Honor later became a little more independent, but the prices - well, what? - rose, right. If the Honor 6 once cost 300 euros, buyers of the still halfway current Honor 20 Pro had to shell out 600 euros.

Xiaomi and the cheap image of the past

When Huawei raised prices, Xiaomi was considered a new manufacturer of well-equipped but inexpensive smartphones. The Xiaomi Mi 9, for example, which went on sale in 2019, was already available for 450 euros. The price of the Xiaomi Mi 10 was raised to 1,000 euros. Here, too, a company first built a high profile for itself, only to then strike. The story of OnePlus reads very similarly. So it's time for a new value-for-money champion.

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Oppo, the new Huawei?

And now I am asking the question from the headline again: Can Oppo become the new Huawei? The company is not new, has years of experience in the Chinese market and, like OnePlus and Realme, belongs to BKK Electronics - one of the five largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. In Germany one is currently in the process of shaking up the cell phone market - for example with the Oppo A73. Incidentally, a well-equipped smartphone for around 250 euros.

Even if the question asked at the beginning cannot be answered yet, there are many indications that suggest that you can answer it with a “yes”. According to the market researcher Gartner, for example, Oppo has recently left Huawei behind. In the past quarter, after Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi, the company secured fourth place among the most popular smartphone manufacturers worldwide.

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Explanation: This comment appeared on inside digital in mid-April 2020. We have now checked and updated it.