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Section 27a of the Social Code Book V Artificial insemination

(1) The health care benefits also include medical measures to induce pregnancy, if

these measures are necessary according to a medical determination,


according to a medical determination, there is a reasonable prospect that the measures will lead to pregnancy; There is no longer a reasonable prospect if the measure has been carried out three times without success,


the persons who want to take advantage of these measures are married to one another,


only egg and sperm cells of the spouses are used and


Before taking the measures, the spouses have been informed of such treatment by a doctor who does not carry out the treatment themselves, taking their medical and psychosocial aspects into account, and the doctor has referred them to one of the doctors or one of the facilities that have been approved has been granted in accordance with Section 121a.

(2) Paragraph 1 also applies to inseminations which are carried out using stimulation methods and which result in an increased risk of pregnancies with three or more embryos. Paragraph 1 No. 2, second half-sentence and No. 5 do not apply to other inseminations.

(3) Entitlement to benefits in kind according to paragraph 1 only exists for insured persons who have reached the age of 25; the entitlement does not exist for female insured persons who have reached the age of 40 and male insured persons who have reached the age of 50. Before starting treatment, a treatment plan must be submitted to the health insurance company for approval. The health insurance company pays 50 percent of the costs of the measures approved with the treatment plan that are carried out on their insured person.

(4) Insured persons are entitled to cryopreservation of egg or sperm cells or germ cell tissue as well as the associated medical measures if cryopreservation appears medically necessary because of an illness and its treatment with germ cell-damaging therapy in order to later medical measures to induce a pregnancy according to paragraph 1 to be able to make. Paragraph 3 sentence 1 second half-sentence applies accordingly.

(5) In the guidelines pursuant to Section 92, the Federal Joint Committee shall determine the medical details of the prerequisites, type and scope of the measures pursuant to Paragraphs 1 and 4.