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Portland has been on everyone's lips lately, but what makes this city in the American state of Oregon so special? True to the motto "Keep Portland weird" individualism and nonconformity are celebrated there. It is often referred to as "hip" and "fashionable" for this reason, but its popularity should not be branded as a trend phenomenon. A sense of freedom and creativity have always made up the essence of the city and its residents. At a size that is comparable to metropolises like Düsseldorf, there is a provincial flair that makes Portland even more charming. The proximity to the mountains and the sea as well as the high proportion of green areas ensure excellent air quality. Another attractiveness factor, especially for vacationers, is the modern transport system. You can get from A to B quickly by tram. But I particularly recommend it to you, explore the city by bikebecause Portland is one of the most bike-friendly cities in America.

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Portland's hotspots

There is actually something to discover on every corner in Portland, but the hotspots that I am now introducing to you should definitely not be missed. Orientation is really easy thanks to the grid-like streets typical of American urban planning. It is also good to know that the Willamette Riverthat flows through the city, roughly divides it into five districts: North, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest and Northwest. My first hotspot is this Alberta Streetrunning northeast. Here you will find cool shops, restaurants and bars. A culinary highlight is the ice cream factory Salt & Straw, which attracts with unusual flavors. Alberta Street is also home to the Screaming Sky Gallery, which has many works by local artists.

In addition, you should definitely do that Pearl District Pay a visit to the east, where restaurants, local designers and well-known brands are waiting to be discovered by you. A must-see when visiting Portland is Powell’s, known as the world's largest independent bookstore. Anyone more shopping can stop by the boutiques of the West End or downtown on Union Way and Pioneer Shopping Place, where you can find all the big names and department stores. Another plus point for Portland is that here - unlike in many other places in the US - you don't have to pay any taxes on your purchases.

Portland's creative scene

As mentioned earlier, the many Portland-based artists are the hallmarks of the city. Many creative minds are drawn here because the conditions are ideal and a lively exchange is encouraged. Portland prides itself on being creative, and rightly so! You can see the results in Southwest District at the Portland Art Museum for modern art and in the many smaller galleries located there. Much more affordable souvenirs can be found at the handicraft market, which is open every weekend between March and December. Here you will find handcrafted treasures from over 50 exhibitors. I would particularly like to mention the project "Portland Zines". The zines are little booklets that have been designed by local artists on a wide variety of topics. From “cycling in the rain” to “Portland in poems” you will find lovingly prepared insider tips for your trip.

Portland culinary

Portland is unquestionably one City for connoisseurs - No matter whether you are a coffee fanatic, beer fanatic, sweet tooth or gourmet, between Portland's seemingly endless possibilities you will feel like you are in paradise! The city is equally known for carefully roasted coffee and excellently brewed beer. You can quench your coffee addiction here on every corner, but Heart Coffee, Stumptown Coffee Roasters and Flying Cat Coffee are particularly recommended. If you want to sample your way through a selection of local beers, do so at Deschutes Brewery. Voodoo donut is known far beyond the city limits. You can't leave Portland without trying one of their wickedly good donuts!

Another trademark of Portland is that Food trucks. You will find more than 600 of them with a wide range of delicacies and culinary highlights all over the city. Third Avenue, Fifth Avenue and the Tidbit Food Farm are good places to go, where you can find several of the hyped food trucks gathered in one place.

Just as colorful as the city itself is its restaurant scene. It is really almost superfluous to give tips because the offer is so huge and the level is so high. In addition to specialties from all over the world, the so-called "Farm-to-table dining" popular. Translated loosely into German, this means that many chefs prefer to use fresh ingredients that have been harvested from the extremely fertile fields in Portland's rural surroundings. Excellent regional meals are presented to you in the Higgins Restaurant, Nostrana and Ned Ludd, for example. Also highly recommended is the Clyde Common in the stylish Ace Hotel.

More attractions in Portland

In addition to Portland's distinct and diverse art, design and food scene, there are also many Parks the extremely green city absolutely worth seeing. With its collection of more than 8,000 roses, the International Rose Test Garden is one of the largest rose gardens in the world. Also of interest is the Lan Su Chinese Garden, an authentic replica of a Chinese garden in the style of the Ming Dynasty. Another attraction is the Pittock Mansion, which was once home to one of Portland's most influential families and is now open to the public. The real highlight, however, is this insane view about the city and the surrounding mountains, which you can enjoy from there.

Portland's night life

Even in the evening and at night, Portland is hard to beat in terms of variety! The Old Town Chinatown district has a particularly large number of nightlife options, but you can also experience a lot in the rest of the city. You can try unusual cocktails at The Box Social and Expatriate. You can really dance off in The Secret Society and in the Crystal Ballroom. Other points of contact are the Helium Comedy Club for first-class comedy and the Doug Fir Lounge for live rock music. Whatever you choose, one unforgettable night is guaranteed! And because the entire city loves to party so much, festivals and celebrations are organized on a wide variety of topics - regardless of whether it's about beer, food or films.

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