What qualities are associated with unintelligent people

Dirk Nowitzki's parents must have done a lot right, otherwise their son could hardly have become the best German basketball player. Only with the first name, they did everything wrong. At least from today's perspective.

Psychologists at Chemnitz University of Technology have examined the prejudices that names evoke. Title of the study: "A first name is worth a 1000 words". Because before people get to know another person, they associate certain characteristics of that person with the name. Dirk is therefore a rather unfavorable first name. The respondents used this name to not only introduce themselves to an elderly person, but also to an extremely unattractive and unintelligent one.

Even worse than Dirk did in the study published in the current issue of Journal of Social Psychology has appeared, the names Olaf, Uwe and Heiko. Birgit, Petra or Silke get off badly with women.

In total, the researchers examined 30 women's names and 30 men's names. sueddeutsche.de publishes in alphabetical order the prejudices behind the names.

The most positive ideas arouse fashion names like Luca or Lara. People with the names Alexander or Sophie are considered particularly attractive, and people like Lukas or Katharina are particularly intelligent.

But that could change again quickly. The researchers emphasize that name prejudices can be subject to rapid social change.

The psychologists therefore recommend parents not to give their children fashion names, but instead to rely on timeless names such as Alexander, Michael, Anna or Claudia. "The Lauras and Leons of today will probably be associated 50 years from now as old-fashioned and unattractive," says psychology professor Udo Rudolph, head of the study. These "Zeitgeist children" could then suffer from the "fast pace of name taste", according to Rudolph.

Who knows: maybe in a few years even the name Dirk will be associated with cunning and beauty again. And the parents of basketball star Dirk Nowitzki would have done everything right.