Why is my computer not playing videos

Media Player: There is no picture when playing the video

If you were looking forward to a nice video evening with friends - but the media player does not display a picture - the annoyance is of course great. In this tip I will introduce you to a possible source of error for the missing image and a way to fix the problem.

What can I do if the media player does not show a video image?

It can happen that the media player is able to interpret or display the soundtrack of a video, but not the picture. You can hear all the sounds in the video, but the visual display of the video remains dark.

Don't worry - the media player is rarely really defective. It is much more likely that the media player does not have the codec required to display a particular video format. This can be the case, for example, if you deactivated the "Download codecs automatically" function when configuring the player. So it's about how to re-enable the automatic download for the codecs you need.

How do I get the latest video codecs for the media player?

As is well known, films are provided with certain video codecs; This means that in order to correctly display the picture and sound of a video, the software must know the codec or execute it correctly.

Thats is quite easy …

1. Start the Windows Media Player and select “Tools” in the menu and then the “Options…” option.

2. A new window with the title "Options" opens. Select the "Player" tab there.

3. Directly under the logo of the media player you will find the point "Automatic updates". Check there whether the checkboxes in front of "Once a day" and "Download codecs automatically" have a green dot (activated). If not, make the setting suggested above.

4. Confirm the changes you have made by clicking OK.

You have now instructed the media player again to search for all available video codecs in the future or to download them. If Microsoft has developed the codec you need, it will automatically be available to you. I hope your video ad is working again.

Have fun watching the video!

Wacki Bauer