Why is news important


The press are newspapers and magazines. The term press sometimes also describes other media, for example radio or television.

There is news and information on important topics in the press. For example there is news from politics.
Journalists report on news in newspapers, magazines, radio, television or the Internet. This is how the citizens find out about it. Journalists also give their opinion. For example, they write whether they think a government proposal is good or bad.

The press is therefore an important part of a democracy. It has an influence on what information citizens receive. The press tells them what is happening. You will find out what other people think about it. In this way, citizens can form an opinion. That is why the press is also called the "fourth estate" in a democracy. The other powers are the legislative, executive and judicial branches.

Journalists experience different things from different people. Journalists also find different things important.
In order for citizens to be able to form an opinion, it is important that there are different newspapers, magazines, radio stations and websites. It is important that there are different opinions there. It is important that there is freedom of the press.

Freedom of the press applies in Germany. This means that no one else is allowed to determine what is written.
One says: There is no censorship.

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