Have you ever seen a UAP UFO

Navy confirmed | These three incredible
UFO videos are real!

Are there UFOs or aren't they? What was previously considered a matter of faith is now being confirmed by a highly official body: According to the US Navy, three videos that have been circulating in public for several years and are supposed to show unknown objects in flight are actually real.

The videos operate under the names "FLIR1", "Gimbal" and "GoFast". The US Navy confirms the authenticity of the corresponding video recordings in several statements, which are available exclusively to the US platform “The Black Vault”, but the term “UFO” (abbreviation for unknown flying object) is avoided.

"Unknown aerial phenomenon" instead of UFO

Instead, Navy spokesman Joseph Gradisher uses the term "unidentified aerial phenomena", abbreviated to UAP, in German "unknown aerial phenomena". The documented reaction of a US pilot makes it clear that the observed objects are not everyday phenomena: After the pilot had recorded the flight object on his screen, he learned: "What the f *** is that thing" (German : "What kind of thing is that?")

Gradisher admitted that the objects were "observed when they entered the airspace of various military-controlled exercise areas or operated there". However, the three videos were never released for publication. Gradisher thus confirmed an earlier statement by the US Department of Defense against "The Black Vault". Accordingly, Pentagon spokeswoman Susan Gough had said: "The videos were never officially released to the public by the Department of Defense and should actually be kept under lock and key."

Why the videos were still able to reach the public remains a mystery.

The fact is: In December 2017, the "New York Times" was the first medium to report on a "mysterious UFO program" by the US Department of Defense. After all, $ 22 million was earmarked for this in the $ 600 billion Pentagon budget. The aim of the program, which officially ended in 2012, was to collect and evaluate reports on mysterious flying objects.

Dozens of UFO reports since 2015

▶ ︎ The “New York Times” described an incident in 2004. According to this, unidentified flying objects "suddenly appeared at an altitude of 80,000 feet, then raced towards the sea". Eventually they stopped at an altitude of 20,000 feet and remained in a kind of limbo. Then they either disappeared from the radar range or shot straight back up.

According to a CNN report, Navy pilots are still being asked to report reports of unusual flying object sightings to the appropriate authorities. There have been dozens of such sightings reportedly since 2015. We are talking about “abnormal” objects that “seemingly defied the laws of gravity”. The missiles served no discernible purpose, nor did they have a conventional propulsion system. Your flight maneuvers would exceed "what is humanly possible".

Officially, they are still reluctant to interpret the reports. A Navy spokesman told CNN that the Navy does not believe that aliens are in North American airspace.