As a lesbian, what turns you on

Girls ask lesbian girls: why don't you turn me on?

Dear girls,

but that sounds badly offended. Why do you even want to be turned on by us lesbian women? To be able to tell that a lesbian turned you on and you wonder if you look like a lesbian and then have a reason why you can't get a sensible guy? Or is that an ego number that I don't understand anything about?

Whatever. At queer parties the "offer" is so large that you simply filter differently. The preferences are reduced to a minimum. What am I into? Short hair, long hair, tall, small, thick, thin, shirt, blouse, masculine, feminine. I don't have to rely on my "Gaydar" at these parties. I just assume that everyone I think is good is lesbian.

Why don't we address you anyway? Well, unfortunately I have to anticipate the comment column. It could be that we don't find you attractive enough to turn on tonight. Or we have the feeling that you are looking for a woman to finally try "it" out. Easily ascertained from the questions that come from you: “Have you ever had something with a straight woman?” “How was that for you?” “Would you do it again?” That sucks because you feel like a test subject. According to the motto: Nothing fuckable in sight, you could try it with a woman. One had already planned before. Will definitely pull on the next date to be able to say that you are open to anything. With such a turn-on, Adriana Lima could stand in front of me and I would turn around and leave.

When I hang around in bars and clubs that are not considered a meeting place for the scene, all women are first of all "straight" for me. My "Gaydar" has never let me down there. It has nothing to do with codes. I notice relatively quickly who is attracted to me. Even if she doesn't seem interested in women at all. It is noticeable when one woman looks after the other or keeps looking at me.

For the pick-up itself, the trimmings have to be right. I don't mean the location, but with whom you are currently traveling. When you hang out with your straight male friends who give the impression that they are on a school trip, I don't even think about pushing you a Coke Zero over the counter. Because one thing would be preprogrammed: Stupid sayings that should be funny. Here I speak from experience. Incidentally, this also applies to women who cannot behave any less like pubescent teenagers: “Are you a lesbian?” After such experiences, one thinks twice about addressing a “straight woman”.

However, if there are cool people around you at this moment, I will speak to you. To do this, I have to take courage first. I don't want to stutter, I want to look cool. In order to address you, I also need clear signals. Eye contact, a smile, toasting over the distance. I want to be sure that you are also interested. Your friend K. probably radiated more joy than you.

Should we both stand together at the bar in the course of the evening and realize that we would like to get closer, maybe I will take you home or you will take me.

But it could also be that I had a busy day and just don't feel like meeting new people.

So - do we want to have a drink?

Your lesbian girls

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