How great is Singapore

14 great low-budget tips for Singapore

The way to Indonesia often leads via Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. This time I flew via Singapore to get to Indonesia cheaply. I took three days to get an impression of the city.

Singapore is said to be expensive. The city is of course more expensive than Indonesia, but here you can also do wonderful activities "for free". That's why today we have 14 low-budget tips for your stopover in Singapore.

1. Singapore Stopover Tips: Watch the light show in Gardens by the Bay

Yes, Singapore is a bit “artificial”. I have to admit, I'm not a fan of the city's modern constructions. But the Gardens by the Bay fascinated me in spite of everything.

The Gardens by the Bay are a relatively new - sustainably built - park in Singapore with the well-known "Supertrees". The Supertrees are steel frames, packed with plants that are reminiscent of the movie Avatar.

Every evening at 7.45pm and 8.45pm there is a great light show around the Supertrees. Leave your camera off and enjoy the spectacle - ideally lying under one of the outer supertrees. Look forward to a rousing light show with suitable music. We got film music from Arielle to StarWars.

Absolute highlight of my Singapore trip!

The park is located directly behind the Marina Bay Sands. You can use the escalators at Marina Bay Sands to get to Gardens by the Bay. Just follow the signs.

Guided tour: Gardens by the bay

Singapore tips: Gardens by the bay at night

2.Singapore Stopover Tips: Eat in Hawker Centers & Food Courts

If you have one in Singapore, it's a wide variety of delicious food. There are innumerable hawker centers in Singapore. Hawker Centers are open air food courts with a wide variety of choices cheap Dishes from the various cultural influences of Singapore - whether Indian, Chinese, Malay or Indonesian food, you will find everything here.

Lau Pa Sat Hawker Center in the middle of downtown

3 ultimate hawker centers & food courts

  • Lau Pa Sat in the middle of downtown
  • Maxwell Food Center in Chinatown
  • Food Republic in VivoCity at the port
  • Tekka Center Pukat Tekka
  • Chinatown Complex

What to try in Singapore

  • The delicious rolls Popiah
  • The delicious coconut ice cream on the open air stage on the Esplanade
  • Colder or warmer Teh Tarik (sweet tea)
  • Colder or warmer Milo
  • The colorful dessert Cendol
  • The Mango flavored sandwich ice creamwhat is offered by street vendors
  • Kaya toast for breakfast
  • Custard Bao, Chrystal Dumplings, and Char Siew Bao at the many dumping stands
  • Fried Prawn Hokkien Noodles
  • Yammi Rojak for a mix of sweet and savory
  • Sate skewers in the Hawker Center "Satay by the Bay" (relatively expensive food center)
  • Chicken Rice for breakfast
  • Sugarcane Juice Lemon (freshly squeezed sugar cane juice with lemon)
  • Fruit Juice (whether Dragon Fruit, Watermelon or Mango)
  • The dessert Mango Castle (in the Hawker Center "Satay by the Bay")
  • Hong Kong Egglet (Snacks at the HarbourFront Center)

3. Singapore stopover tips:Get free drinks in the casino

Locals have to pay $ 100 to enter the casino in the Marina Bay Sands mall. As a “tourist” you don't pay anything. If you need a little air-con and want to get some free Milo, coffee and soft drinks, then stop by the casino.

You need your passport to enter the casino. No photos are allowed here.

4. Singapore stopover tips:Savor ladies nights

Every Wednesday there is Ladies Night in Singapore. Free entry and free drinks await female travelers in the city.

Inquire in advance in which bar and / or which Club Ladies Night is announced - whether in the Altitude, The Exchange or the famous Ku De Ta on the Marina Bay Sands overlooking the infinity pool!

It is therefore worth arriving on a Tuesday 🙂

5. Singapore stopover tips:Stroll along the skyline promenade

A stroll from Marina Bay Sands across the Helix Bridge to Merlion statue is highly recommended - always with the Singapore skyline in mind.

A mix of lion and fish, the Merlion statue is the symbol of Singapore. Let a local explain the story behind this fantasy creature to you. A larger variant of the Merlion statue can be found on Sentosa Island.

Singapore Tips: Merlion Statue at dusk

Singapore Tips: City Promenade

Singapore tips: Going for a walk in this city is actually a lot of fun!

6. Singapore stopover tips:Watch free concerts on the Esplanade

On the skyline promenade from the Helix Bridge to the Merlion you come to the open-air stage right on Esplanada past. Often found here in the evening against 7pm Free concerts take place - a relaxed atmosphere with the Singapore skyline in the background. During the day you can also listen to the sound samples.

Singapore Tips: Free Concerts from Esplanade

Singapore tips: Free concerts right on the water

7. Singapore stopover tips:Have a beer in the evening at Boat Quay and Clarke Quay

The promenade from the Boat Quay to Clarke Quay is crammed with restaurants and bars. The prices are not exactly low here. I paid $ 16 for a beer in a bar. But the atmosphere is worth it. A beer should be in there on your Singapore trip on Clarke Quay.

But you can also just sit by the water and drink a beer from the supermarket (as long as it is still allowed in Singapore).

Pub crawls at Get Your Guide

Singapore Tips: The promenade from Boat Quay to Clarke Quay

8. Singapore stopover tips:Watch the Marina Bay Sands laser show from the Merlion

From the Merlion statue you can turn around in the evening 8.30pm watch the laser show around Marina Bay Sands.

Perfect timing: Watch the concert in the Esplanade at 7 a.m., watch the laser show from the Merlion at 8:30 a.m. and then head towards Clarke Quay.

Singapore Tips: Marina Bay Sands Laser Show

9. Singapore stopover tips:Short detour to the southernmost continental tip of Asia

Apparently on Sentosa Island the southernmost continental tip of Asia lie. The tip is on Palawa beach and is connected with a suspension bridge from the beach. The island is half an amusement park with an insanely artificial atmosphere.

From the (artificial-paradisiacal) Palawa Beach you can see the masses of container ships waiting to dock in the port of Singapore. You can see the first islands of Indonesia. Look at the sunset (with a wonderful industrial silhouette on the horizon). From the station HarbourFront takes a small train ($ 4) to Sentosa Island. In theory, however, you can also run the route.

On the way to Sentosa Island you have a good view of the port of Singapore.

Singapore Tips: Harbor Views

Singapore Tips: Bridge on Sentosa Island

Singapore Tips: The Southernmost Point of Continental Asia

Singapore Tips: Sentosa Island Beach

10. Singapore stopover tips:Stroll through Little India and attend Hindu ceremonies

A visit to Little India is part of every trip to Singapore. Start your walk through the neighborhood relatively early in the morning (because then there are not so many tourists on the way). If you're lucky, there might even be a Hindu ceremony in the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple instead of. Also take place regularly Yoga classes held in the temple (every Tuesday evening in July, entry fee 10 dollars). Otherwise you can snack your way through the small restaurants and sip delicious coconut juice.

Singapore Little India Tours

Singapore Tips: Little India

Singapore Tips: Temple in Little India

Singapore Tips: Ceremony in a temple in Little India

11. Singapore stopover tips:During Friday prayers on Arab Street to the Sultan Mosque

There is a lot going on around Arab Street on Fridays. The Muslim residents of Singapore get ready for Friday prayers around noon. Put on long pants, cover your shoulders and bring a scarf for your head to soak up the atmosphere around the Sultan Mosque.

Then you can explore a little the area around Arab Street. There are also good WIFI cafés to work and check e-mails, such as the "working title„.

Singapore Tips: Sultan Mosque on Arab Street

Singapore tips: mosque in Singapore

12. Singapore stopover tips:Explore Chinatown

Chinatown is relatively touristy, but still worth a visit. Right before the Sri Mariamman Temple the older population of Singapore meets to play, chat and relax together.

You can visit the temple for free. Directly opposite the Sri Mariamman Temple is the Hawker Center "Maxwell Food Center“Where you can snack yourself through the yammi offer. If you are looking for souvenirs, you will surely find it in Chinatown.

Singapore Chinatown tours

Singapore Tips: Food Court in Chinatown

Singapore Tips: Chinatown Market

Singapore tips: temples in Chinatown

Singapore Tips: Living in Chinatown

13. Singapore stopover tips:Stroll along the promenade from Gardens by the Bay to Satay by the Bay

The way from the "Supertrees" to the Hawker Center "Satay by the Bay“Runs along the water all the time. The atmosphere is very relaxed, especially in the evening. It can get a bit crowded at the weekend. During the week you will mainly meet joggers here.

When you arrive at Satay by the Bay, you should take the seat to the right of the toilets. There you have a great view of Marina Bay Sands.

The food court is relatively expensive, we have listed cheaper food courts above.

tip: The location of the sinks in the toilets at Satay by the Bay are great. A real toilet experience!

14. Singapore stopover tips:Garden Walk around Marina Bay Sands

If you are in the Marina Bay Sands Shopping Center you can take the escalator to get there Garden Walk to reach. The Garden Walk is completely signposted. Here you can stroll completely outside around the shopping center. In the evening, couples in love meet to enjoy the peace and quiet and the view over Marina Bay and it is usually relatively empty on the Garden Walk. A nice way to say goodbye to Singapore.

Singapore Tips: Singapore Skyline

There are even more tips on Anna-Lena's blog. Anna-Lena lived in Singapore for a few months and showed me great things about the city. There are even more tips for Singapore in this article.

I made my home in the Hangout Hotel on Mt. Emily. A very nice, quiet place to stay near Little India. From the 7th floor you have a great view over Singapore. Here you can end the evening wonderfully with a beer. The lounge on the 2nd floor is equipped with a large TV and free coffee and tea.

I stayed in the Female Dorm. The rooms are very clean and properly air-conditioned. Each bed has its own safe and a clean bathroom. You get towels when you check in. Breakfast is included with English beans, coffee, toast and cereal. However, I mostly overslept it (breakfast time: 7 am - 9.30 am). The WIFI is very good. $ 1 per bed per night goes to local aid projects.

Prices start at around $ 40 a night. The price-performance ratio is therefore completely appropriate. I really enjoyed my stay at the Hangout and would come back anytime.

Singapore Tips: Hangout Hostel Lounge

Singapore Tips: Hangout Hostel Roof Terrace

The MRT (subway) is a great way to get from the airport to the city (e.g. from Changi Airport to Tanah Merah, above Outram Park until after Little India). The MRI system is easy to understand. The last train leaves the airport for the city at around 11.15pm.

Then you can, for example, use the Airport shuttle service perceive from Mr. Ramle. He likes to drive travelers from 6pm to 4am from the city to the airport or from the airport to the city (no .: 91701235). You should call Mr. Ramle two hours before departure. The airport shuttle service costs 9 dollars and is therefore a lot cheaper than taxis.

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