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Dole Pineapple Plantation Hawaii - The Truth About Pineapple In Hawaii

Dole pineapple plantation in Hawaii

Many people associate pineapples with Hawaii! Apart from the fact that Toast Hawaii and Pizza Hawaii are definitely not from here but a European invention, pineapple has little else to do with Hawaii.

The pineapple originally comes from South America. Many of you will know Dole Pineapple. There is also a Dole pineapple plantation here in Hawaii on Oahu.

The pineapple industry was a large industry here, especially in the 1900's thirties. Two thirds of the world's total demand for pineapples was produced here in Hawaii. In the meantime, large parts of the pineapple production have been outsourced abroad.

Even the pineapples that you eat here in Hawaii often don't even come from you.

Most of the pineapples that you find here in Hawaii come from the Philippines. But why is that so?

Each pineapple is hand picked. So there is no machine with which you can simply drive over the pineapple field. The great amount of work that goes into the pineapple harvest justifies the outsourcing of production to so-called low-wage countries. Anyone who has ever bought pineapple in the supermarket knows that it is not cheap there. The pineapple has had a long journey before it is in your supermarket in Germany.

The Dole pineapple plantation on Oahu in Hawaii still exists, but today it's just a souvenir shop. The tourists here in Hawaii can buy every imaginable product in yellow, green and brown on the Dole pineapple plantation - the colors of the pineapple!

On our German tours in Hawaii on Oahu, we offer a stop at the Dole pineapple plantation. We would be happy to tell you more about the production and history of pineapples in Hawaii.

We strongly recommend that you stop at one of the many weekly markets or fruit stands during your work holiday to buy fresh pineapples! You will see that the quality and taste of pineapples in Hawaii, which were also grown and harvested here, is much better than any other you have ever eaten.

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