How do I text a girl better?

SMS - what would we be without these wonderfully fast messages? But do you sometimes feel that you don't know what to write in a certain situation? No problem, we have put together the best text messages for you: Sweet love text messages, fiery flirt text messages, funny sorry text messages and nasty end-of-life text messages that may not be taken that seriously;) Have fun texting!

Friendship SMS

When was the last time you told your best friend how important she was to you? We have a few suggestions ...

You are my happiness, you are my star, even if you are crazy: I like you!

If dear people had labels, yours would say: material: unique, type: warm, color: refreshing, price: priceless and heart size: XXL !!

Before you start loving your enemies, you should treat your friends better.

Some people make the world special by just being there. You are one of those

Flirt SMS: Flirt via WhatsApp & Co.

The time has finally come and you have got hold of the cell phone number of your crush! And since it is well known that you trust each other more than face to face on the cell phone, you now want to flirt a little with him. We'll give you tips on flirting via WhatsApp, Girls Messenger & Co. and also show you a few examples of flirting messages.

Important is: Keep calm for now. The first time you really start writing with your crush, you should first clarify general things like hobbies or what they like. You will get to know each other better and better and you will notice how the person opposite is ticking on the cell phone. If you notice that you get on really well, you can also use the first flirt messages and see how he reacts. Exciting, but it can be worth it!

Flirt messages: tips
Of course, it all depends on what makes the other person tick. Does he prefer to write novels and love to chat with you or is he the boy of few words? It is always important: Pay attention to your spelling and do not use too many abbreviations - smileys instead.

Flirting by SMS: Examples

Here we have some funny, nice and cool ones for you Examples to flirt messages:

* May I show you my SMS collection tonight?

* They say that everything you love should always be with you, but how am I supposed to stuff you in my purse?

*Danger! Go in cover! 5 4 3 2 1 ... Too late! I warned you, you have just been showered with 1,000,000,000 kisses from me!

* There aren't enough ΓΌ's in the word "cute" to describe how cute you are.

*Kissing is the language of love. Come here and talk to me.

The best flirting news is though Sayings that you made up yourself. Are you not creative enough? What! Think about what you love about your crush. And then you tell him - it doesn't have to rhyme or be particularly poetic, but flirt messages that you come up with yourself are usually the best. You like his eyes Or his hair? Do you think that he has an open ear for everyone? Things like that are great.

Separation SMS

Has a bastard screwed you? Then send him a nice text message ...

Live and let live, that's exactly what I will do: Live my life and let YOU.

My dear darling, it has to go now, it's over between us!

I don't even know how to live without you. But I want to try it from tomorrow. That's why it's over!

Like a doll - no not with me anymore, it's over - find yourself a cuddly toy!

Sorry, I lost your number, I got a new one.

Apologies: This is how you say "Sorry"

Forgot a date, arrived late or pissed off? An apology can be very helpful ... We have the best sorry texts and apologies - regardless of whether you send them via SMS or WhatsApp.

It was my cat's birthday and I promised her I would celebrate with her!

I'm a sucker, an idiot, a dumbatz, an ass! Call me what you want, but please forgive me !!

Sorry, but unfortunately I was unable to decipher your message. Coffee curdled on my cell phone. Please do not be angry with me. SORRY!

I think about you all the time - how am I supposed to think about the time?

You mustn't be angry with me anymore, because that's not good! Get in touch!

Here you can find the general dos and don'ts for texting: